UKM Students’ Gotong-royong To Clean A Kampung

FRIDAY, 04 JULY 2014 16:22

By NurulHaziqah Abdul Halim
Pix Shahiddan Saidi

BANGI, 30 June 2014 – Some 50 part time students from the Faculty of Science and Information Technology (FTSM) of The National University of Malaysia (UKM) took part in a ‘gotong-royong’ with the people of Kampung Indah PKNS in Beranang recently to clean and clear areas hazardous to health.

They are from a batch of the Executive Mode class of the Student Development Centre where the ‘gotong-royong’ programme is part of a new module of the course where students are required to be more active in giving back to society.

Head of programme, Muhammad Nazmi bin Rahmat, who is one of the students of the batch nicknamed BIT 13 said the programme focuses on team-building and team-work.

It emphasises on understanding and creating awareness towards their responsibilities and roles in life, which is to help raise the quality of life of the people.

Nazmi said they chose Kampung Indah Beranang because it has some of the highest cases of dengue fever in Selangor. It was also in respond to the Selangor government’s call to clean-up and reduce trash thereby reducing risk of exposure to dengue.

UKM also has a history of relationship with the kampung where it had organised a free health check for the people there.

“We have already checked their health, now we are here to do the clean-up, so that their health can continue to be positive,” Nazmi said.

He wanted his fellow students to understand and appreciate the natural beauty of village life and ensure that it does not die away. For the people in Kampung Indah he hoped they will be more aware of the situation and take extra precaution to keep their village clean and tidy.

As a symbol of friendship and collaboration between BIT13 and the kampung, the students planted a Kedondong tree to signify growth and continued strength between the students of UKM and the people of the kampung.

Dean of FTSM Prof Dr Abdullah bin Mohd Zin who officiated the event hoped both the people of Kampung Indah and the students will value working together especially in ensuring environmental cleanliness and health.

The whole day event also included a colouring contest for the village children as well as lucky draws for the participants.