Experts to discuss use of nuclear power in UKM

THURSDAY, 27 MAY 2010 15:48

Nuclear experts from some 14 countries will take part in a two-day workshop organised by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Tokyo University (TODAI) from Monday (31 May, 2010) to discuss issues related to theintroduction nuclear power as an energy source in the ASEAN region.

One important issue to be discussed is whether regional cooperation can be attractive for nuclear energy development. Another is related to the negative public perceptions of the technology and how to ensure they willget the correct information on the safety aspects of nuclear powered electricity.

The workshop, the third organised by TODAI and the first in Malaysia, will alsodiscuss issues related to its use includingthe legal aspects, management of spent fuel and the non-proliferation treaty. It will be held in Hotel Equatorial, Bangi.

Some 33 participants from Vietnam, lndia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, USA, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia,Singapore, Japan and Malaysia will attend. Some of the countries have already used or are in the process acquiring nuclear technology.

UKM as a leading research university in Malaysia has reached another important milestone in the advancement of nuclear science and technology when it recently signed an MOU with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology andthe Atomic Energy Licensing Board of Malaysia. UKM is also having strong collaborations with Texas A&M University and University of Bordeaux, France, both of whom are strong in nuclear research.

UKM is currently the only university in Malaysia to offer undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes in the field of nuclear science and technology. The Nuclear Science Programme  in the School of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology has to date produced more than 900 graduates holding Bachelor degrees in Nuclear Science and more than 30 graduates with Masters in Science (MSc) and PhDs specializing in related areas of nuclear science and technology.

Malaysia has decided to have a nuclear powered plant in operation by 2021. Malaysia and other ASEAN countries that are planning to have nuclear power in their energy mix will benefit from this workshop which will bring together nuclear experts around the world for in-depth discussions pertaining to its use as an energy source.