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Sport Centre

The Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Sports Unit was established in 1974 and later upgraded to Sports Centre in 2009. It marked 44 years of its establishment to-date. In its early beginning, the Centre only had one personnel and it evolved continuously to its current capacity of 39 workforce with various grades.

The main roles of the Sports Centre are to manage sports programs involving High-Performance Sports as well as Mass Sports, administration and finance, Sports Science development, maintain and promote sports facilities to outsiders, financial generation, and managing of potential National athletes.

The Sports Centre also works as an advisor in how to organize a tournament and prepare related working papers.

The Sports Centre are not only focused on students but also UKM staff as well as off-campus communities. The role of the Sports Centre is always streamlined and expanded from time to time according to the current development of the nation’s sports through the Institutions of Higher Learning and the National Sports Development Programs.

Getting fitter and healthier

The sports and recreation programs in the University are designed to inculcate the value of a healthy lifestyle among the undergraduates whilst allowing them to compete at the college and university level. The encouragement and involvement in the organized physical fitness programs and tournaments participated by the students are for them to value the importance of fitness in life and to have fun in the activities they participated in.


  1. University Stadium (Football and Athletic track)
  2. Football field 
  3. Cricket Oval
  4. Softball green
  5. Tennis court
  6. Futsal court (external) international court
  7. Volleyball court (external)
  8. Basketball court (external)
  9. Sepaktakraw court (external)
  10. Handball and Netball court (external and co-owned)
  11. Squash complex
  12. Gemilang hall – 1 unit (4 badmintons courts & 2 volleyball courts, ping pong and gymnasium)

Students Club & Association

Clubs and associations are managed by the Co-Curricular Unit. This unit is located in the Squash Complex. Please contact at this number 603-89214192.

  1. UKM Bandits Rugby Club
  2. Taekwondo Club
  3. Silat Club
  4. Squash Club
  5. Tennis Club
  6. Cricket Club
  7. External Recreation Club
  8. Chess Club
  9. Netball Club
  10. Athletic Club

Sports Equipment Facility & Booking Counter 
Tel: +603 89213071
Fax: +603 89215435

Operating Hours
Monday – Thursday 
8:00am – 12:45pm
2:00am – 4:45am

8:00am – 12:00pm
2:45am – 4:45pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday – CLOSED


University Sports Centre
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi

Tel: +603 89215040/ 5315
Fax: +603 89215435