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Solar Energy Research Institute

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norasikin Ahmad Ludin

Email: Phone: 03-89118586

Current Position: Senior Research Fellow / Head of Quality Assurance

Specialisation: Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), Hybrid Tandem Solar Cells, Perovskite Solar Cells (PSC), Graphene based Materials for Energy Generation Devices, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Energy Management, Economics and Policy

Dr. Norasikin is a Research Fellow/Senior Lecturer at Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She obtained her PhD in Chemistry (Dye-sensitized Solar Cells) from University of Wales, United Kingdom in 2012. Her specialization is solar light energy conversion and advanced materials for solar cell. Her research is concerned on development of new solar cell technology related to the natural sensitizers’ process of dye-sensitized solar cell. This includes synthesis of natural dyes, absorption and desorption of dyes by oxide semiconductor materials and also photoelectrochemical properties of dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC). She also involved in organic and perovskite solar cells projects. Her expertise includes renewable energy policy and the impact study of the technologies. Recently, she was appointed as the country representative by the SEA-EU-NET II Project at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand and participated in the Expert Workshop “Development, Planning and Decisions: Impact of Water, Energy and Food Nexus in Mekong Region” (2015). She participated in developing Renewable Energy Curriculum for United Nation University in UN-CECAR Renewable Energy Curriculum Development Working Group Meeting, University Gadja Mada, Jogjakarta, Indonesia and country representative for presenting renewable energy policy development in Malaysia at 6th UN-CECAR Renewable Energy Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (2012). Previously, she attached at Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (currently known as Malaysian Green Technology Corporation) as Research Officer and Project Manager from 2000 to 2007. She has experienced several large national projects related to renewable energy (RE). She was the Project Coordinator for BioGen UNDP in promoting and formulating RE policy, tariff and financing in Malaysia (2002-2007), Country Focal Point (Biomass for Electricity Generation) for ICRA Project RESSN Sub-sector Network (2004-2005) and Consultant under UNDP for the project “Energy and Poverty in Rural Area” (2006). She experienced in monitoring and evaluating renewable energy projects, eg. Small Renewable Energy Programme (SREP), ACE-ECCJ: Preliminary Study on Steam Turbine Development, Pre-feasibility Study of Biomass Power Plant for Rural Electrification at Tasik Bera and Felda Chini Settlements and AAIBE projects such as Solar Hybrid Project at Taman Negara Endau-Rompin and Solar Water Pumping System at Taman Alam (2000-2003). She worked as a Research Officer under EU-Bamboo Project at School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia (1999). Her first career was a Research Assistant under FRIM-NIES (National Institute of Environmental Study, Japan) Joint Project at Biodiversity Division, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (1998). In 2007, she first involved in academic field at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia as Research Fellow. Currently, she is serving as Head of Quality for Solar Energy Research Institute, UKM. Then, she was engaged as a visiting lecturer at Tokyo University of Science, Japan in 2014 for the project “Photochemical Properties of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Using Mixed Organic Dyes and Titanium Dioxide Nano Particles” under collaboration with Professor Hironori Arakawa. She has research linkages related to DSSC with various local and international institutions such as Centre of Innovative Nanostructures and Nanodevices (COINN) at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Chemistry Department at Universiti Malaya (UM), Centre of Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland and Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy System, Germany.

B.Sc. Environmental Management (UPM), M.Sc. Energy Technology (UKM), Ph.D Chemistry (University of Wales, UK), Certified Energy Managers (CEM) (ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS))

Areas of Research
Dye-sensitized solar cell, Quantum dot sensitized solar cell, Perovskite solar cell, Large-scale solar cell technology, Renewable energy policy and impact study on renewable energy technologies


Publications Journals




Articles in Antologi/Chapters in Book

Monograph, Working Papers and Non-Periodical Publications


  1. Attended Workshop “Asian Renewable Energy Workshop” organized by New Renewable Energy Foundation (NEF) and UPM, Faculty of Biotechnology, UPM Serdang, February 2015.
  2.  Attended Expert Workshop  “Development Planning and Decisions: Impact on Water Energy Food Nexus in Mekong Region” organized by SEA-EU-NET II project and Asean Institute of Technology, Pathumtani, Bangkok, January 2015.
  3. Attended Conference “Annual Asia Pacific- Solar Research Conference” organized by Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI), University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, December 2014.
  4. Poster titled: “Photochemical Properties of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell using Mixed Natural Organic Dyes and Titanium Dioxide Nano Particles”, organized by Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST, Japan, The 6th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Kyoto Japan, November 2014.
  5. Paper titled: “Thickness and Roughness Characterization of Cobalt Sulfide and Graphite for Use as Counter Electrode for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell”. As speaker, organized by Bruker, Nanosurface Analysis and Characterization Workshop, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 26-28 August 2014.
  6. Paper titled: “Renewable Energy Policy in Malaysia”. As speaker, organized by Solar Energy Research Institute, ISESCO School Seminar, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, June 2013.
  7. Paper titled: ”Development of Renewable Energy Policy in Malaysia”. As speaker, organized by United Nation University, 6th UNCECAR Conference, University of Chulalongkorn, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2012.
  8. Poster titled: “Low Cost CdTe Photovoltaic Devices”, organized Royal Society Of Chemistry, University of Wales, Bangor UK, Young Scientist Symposium, June 2010.
  9. Paper titled: “Low Cost Photovoltaic Devices”, as speaker, organized by School of Chemistry, University of Wales Bangor UK, PhD Conference, Bangor Wales, May 2010.
  10. Paper titled: “Development of CdTe Solar Cell by CBD Method’, as speaker, organized by University of Wales UK, Young Scientist Symposium 2008, Gregynog, Wales, June 2008.



  1. Mr. Azwan Mohd Bakri (PhD – Year 2), Solar Assisted Mechanization in Palm Oil Plantation – Main Supervisor.
  2. Zikri Ghazali (PhD – Year 1), Higher Efficiency of DSSC using Graphene/TiO2 as Photoanode – Main Supervisor.
  3. Nor Shazlina Abdul Karim (MSc- Year 2), Enhancing the Characteristics of Thin Films Solar Cells using Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) and Electrodeposition Methods for DSSC – Main supervisor.
  4. Nur Ezyanie Safie (MSc – Year 1), Photoelectrochemical Properties of Mixed Natural Dye and TiO2 Nano Particle for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells – Main Supervisor.
  5. Ahmad Muslihin (Msc – Year 1), Photoelectrochemical Properties of Graphene Photoelecrode for DSSC – Main Supervisor.

Administrative Services/Committee

  1. Appointed as Head of Quality Assurance started from 2015 to 2017 for 2 years
  2. Appointed as Head of Quality Assurance started from 2012 to 2015 for 3 years.
  3. Appointed as Internal Auditor Quality Management System for Management of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies started from 1 September 2014 for 2 years.
  4. Appointed as Postgraduate Committee for SERI started from 2014.

Reports: Technical/Research/Consultation

Research Grant

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment and Techno-economic Analysis of Quantum Dot Photovoltaic (QDPV), GUP, Principal Researcher, 2015 ~ 2017 (On-going).
  2. Development Of Graphene Based Counter Electrode Catalyst In Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell, Geran Look East Policy, Principal Researcher, 2015 ~ 2017 (On-going).
  3. Photochemical Properties of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Using Mixed Natural Organic Dyes and Titanum Dioxide Nano Particles via Sol Gel Method, Iconic Collaboration, Principal Researcher, 2014 ~ 2015 (Completed).
  4. Exploring the Reduction in Cost of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) by using Highly Electroactive Cobalt Sulfide Nanosheets as Counter Electrode, ERGS, Principal Researcher, 2012 ~ 2015 (Completed).
  5. Fundamental Study Of One Step Annealing For Plate Ni/Cu/Ag Contact Solar Cells, GGPM, Principal Researcher, 2012 ~ 2014 (Completed).
  6. Modelling and Fabrication of Low Cost Silicon Quantum Dot (SiQD) Solar Cell for Industrial Application, Geran Galakan Universiti-Industri, Principal Researcher, 2012 ~ 2014 (Completed).