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Solar Thermal Technology Laboratory is located at Level 7 SERI Research Complex. The lab is managed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adnan Ibrahim. Solar Thermal Technology Laboratory focuses on research relevant to PV cooling systems, Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Collectors, water heating, food drying, and also solar cooling systems.



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Double Pass Solar Air Thermal Collector

Title: Performance Analysis of a Double Pass Solar Air Thermal Collector with Porous Media Using Lava Rock

The solar panel in the figure above is a Rigid Model M120W type which can produce a maximum power of 120W and a panel efficiency of 22.6%.  The panel consists of 36 pieces of integrated back contact cell type solar cells with dimensions of 125 mm × 125 mm each.  The panel has dimensions of 1.2 m (l) × 0.54 m (w) × 0.035 m (t).

Solar CPC PV/T Collector

Title: Performance of Asymmetric Compound Parabolic Concentrator (ACPC) Geometry of Double Pass PV/T Solar Air Collector

Performance of acceptance angle of a novel asymmetric compound parabolic concentrator (ACPC) geometry for the double pass PV/T air solar collector for building facade application.

Flue Ducted Kinetic Energy Recovery System

Title: Analysis for Helical Turbine in Horizontal Axis for Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems: A Prestudy

The name of the invention is Flue Ducted Kinetic Energy Recovery System.  The system has been developed for multiple applications, including but not limited to Cooling towers, air conditioner exhausts and industrial exhausts.  The main benefit and novelty of this research are that the turbine designed and used in the system overcomes the issue of back-force that is caused due to the “actuator disk theory”.  The novel designed Horizontal axis Helical turbine is like a funnel that increases the mass flow through the turbine while extracting the maximum energy.