Objectives of Graduate Studies

  1. To provide a pool of future leaders and researchers for the nation.
  2. To encourage and promote research culture in basic and applied sciences.
  3. To provide opportunities for graduate students to do research independently and receive the best of education and supervision.
  4. To construct quality leadership in the acquiring of knowledge in science and technology and enhance critical analysis skills.
  5. To offer and emphasise on the importance of life long learning.


Programme of Study

SERI offers the following graduate programmes by research for degree programme:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Renewable Energy)
  2. Master of Science (Renewable Energy)

Courses Lists (click here)

Research Area

  1. Solar Photovoltaic and Advanced Solar Cell
  2. Advanced Solar Thermal Technology
  3. Wind and Marine Energy Technology
  4. Low Energy and Passive Architecture
  5. Strategic Renewable Energy Resource
  6. Energy Impact Analysis