Solar Energy Research Institute

Institut Penyelidikan Tenaga Suria | Solar Energy Research Institute


History of Institute Establishment

Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) was established on 1st July 2005. It was formed to address the immediate issue of fossil fuels consumption that causing environmental pollution and global warming. Fossil fuels are limited in supply. Moreover, rapid depletion of these non-renewable resources has resulted in the increase of fossil fuel prices.

Therefore, there is a need for alternative energy sources which are long lasting, sustainable and environmental friendly to satisfy the desire of mankind for better quality of life. Renewable energy such as solar has the potential to replace fossil fuel. To support this effort, SERI undertakes research and development to develop renewable energy technology and expertise in this challenging and exciting field.


Philosophy / Rational of Establishment

SERI created as a forum for research in the field of renewable energy by providing high knowledge in theory and application. This is in line with our objective to develop scientific capacity and efficiency to produce skilled human capital to meet the demands of professional manpower needed in the public and private sectors.