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Organic solar cells have been recognized to have tremendous potential as alternatives to their inorganic counterparts, with devices that are low-cost, lightweight, easily processed, and have a less environmental impact. Challenges for organic solar cells to be utilized commercially on a large scale have been highlighted by their relatively low power conversion efficiencies and relatively short device lifetimes. The emergence of perovskite solar cells has changed the photovoltaic research landscape in a very significant way, with tens of thousands of publications within the past few years.

Advanced organic solar cell laboratory was initiated in 2013 by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norasikin Ahmad Ludin (Laboratory Coordinator). Most of the facilities are provided for material characterization and solar cell device performance. This laboratory is focused on the research related to DSSC, OPV, Perovskite, and thin film solar cell. Currently, more than 100 papers were published in these facilities. Total cumulative grants are more than RM10million. The services offered by this laboratory are characterization and measurement equipment such as UV-Visible Spectrometer, Profilometer, IV Tester, Incident Photon to Charge Carrier Efficiency of Solar Cells (IPCE), and Potentiostat.


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