Solar Energy Research Institute

Institut Penyelidikan Tenaga Suria | Solar Energy Research Institute


Solar energy plays an important role towards achieving long lasting, sustainable, environment friendly renewable energy resources to fulfill the energy needs for mankind. The use of non-renewable fuels, such as fossil fuels have many side effects. Their combustion products produce pollution, acid rain and global warming.

Conversion to clean energy sources such as solar energy would enable the world to improve the quality of life throughout the planet Earth, not only for humans, but also for its flora and fauna as well. Because of the foregoing, there is a need to develop an ingenious method of solar energy conversion systems and then to substitute it where applications of fossil fuels are most vulnerable. Therefore, extensive research and development in solar energy utilization technologies must be carried out.

Solar Photovoltaic technology enables us to convert sun’s energy directly into electricity by means of devices called solar cells. The Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) of UKM has been rigorously working to promote Solar Photovoltaic Technology in this region ever since its birth in 2005.