Clinical Trial Unit (CTU), Faculty of Medicine, UKM is a unit that was newly established in 2019 under the Secretariat of Research and Innovation (SPI). This unit is headed by Associate Prof Dr. Jemaima Che Hamzah. Our main goals are to centralize the management of clinical trial studies especially in Faculty of Medicine and to ensure studies are conducted according to set quality.


  • Act as one stop centre for clinical trials in the faculty
  • To promote translation research among faculty members
  • To coordinate multi-centre clinical trials locally and internationally
  • To conduct or support all types of clinical trials (including bioavailability and bioequivalence studies) in the faculty in terms of administration and technical
  • To provide training for personnel involved with clinical trials
  • To adhere to robust quality assurance systems and processes to meet appropriate regulations and legislation


  • To become the leading Clinical Trial Unit in the Malaysia


  • To provide quality clinical trials adhering to appropriate regulations and legislation required in quality assurance programs