FutureReady Programme by Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman

Greetings from Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman!

We are pleased to share an exciting prospect for the students of your university. We believe that students should be afforded every opportunity to expand their capabilities and employability for a better chance at a brighter future, especially in today’s competitive graduate job market. This is why YTAR has launched the FutureReady programme for a second year in collaboration with Accenture Malaysia.

FutureReady is a fully virtual 4-month programme run entirely in English that aims to upskill B40 youth by providing them with skills and knowledge needed to increase their employability and thrive in the professional services industry.

We would like your support to share this programme to your students, so that they may benefit from the mentorship and experience it will provide. FutureReady is open to Malaysian B40 students pursuing an undergraduate degree in a local public or private university with a CGPA of 3.0 and above. You may obtain a full list of eligibility requirements from our website https://www.yayasantar.org.my/futureready/ .

Programme Structure

FutureReady has 4 parts:

Self Study Period – Participants will receive access to learning materials specially curated by Accenture. Modules include Business Mindset, Management, Technology.

Tutorial Sessions – Participants will join interactive workshops hosted by subject-matter experts.

Pitch Preparation – Participants will pitch their case study solutions to their Mentors, who will then provide feedback and help to improve their pitches.

Pitch Day – Finally, participants will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges!

Reasons Students Should Join FutureReady

• Unparalleled first exposure to the consulting world

• Exciting mentorship and networking opportunities with real-life consultants

• Chance to win an education grant from a RM150,000 pool

More information about the programme can be found https://linktr.ee/futurereadymy , and the sign up link is https://www.tfaforms.com/4997306 !