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Quality Management System


Quality programmes in UKM has started since 1998 when Quality Management Unit (QMU) was established and chaired by the Hon. Prof. Dato ‘Dr. Mohammed Noor Embi which was subsequently upgraded as the Centre for Academic Development in 1999 to manage the MS ISO 9001: 2000 Certification for the scope of Teaching & Learning, which has obtained certification (Undergraduate Exam Management -2003 and Graduate Study Management- 2006). This is in line with the directives of the Government through the Public Service Progress Circular (PKPA) issued by MAMPU namely:

  • PKPA No. 4/1991: A Guide to Public Service Improvement
  • PKPA No. 1/1992: A Guide to Public Service Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • PKPA No. 2/1996: Guidelines for Implementing ISO9001: 2000 in the Public Service
  • PKPA No. 1/2002: Guidelines for Revision of Procedures and Work Processes in Government Agencies

Centres of Responsibilities (PTJ) of services have also managed to obtain certification as follows:

  • PPUKM Finance Department (2001)
  • Human Resource Division, Registrar Office (2002)
  • Human Resource Department, PPUKM (2003)

Since 2011, the MS ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for the scope of teaching and teaching and Services has been placed under the Centre of Quality Assurance, established in February 10, 2011 (Approval LPU No.1/2011). The establishment of the CQA is in line with the recommendations of the MQA Institution Audit Assessment Panel  on UKM from 22 to 26 March 2010 to establish a centre for quality assurance  that will handle  a  more transparent and  trustworthy UKM Quality assurance system .

Before the CQA was established, all UKM quality activities were conducted by CR where some CR Services has obtained certification from the Certification Body in stages as follows:

MS ISO 9001:2008 : Services

  • Registrar Office (AR 2759 – 2002)
  • The Bursary (AR 3243 – 2004)
  • Library (AR 3209 – 2004)
  • Information Technology Centre (AR 5238 – 2010)
  • Student Service Department (AR 5325 – 2010)
  • Building and Maintenance Department (KLR 0500281 – 2006 – Lloyds)

The QMS merger of services by different  Center of Services   was in  effect from  May 1, 2012 and obtained certification for Service Quality Management System Services [SPKP UKM: AR 5779-18 January 2013]; renewed again through the Recertification Audit by SIRIM starting from 16 March 2016 until 14 September 2018.

UKM is in the transition of replacing the   MS ISO 9001:2008 with  MS ISO 9001:2015, of which UKM hope will  service needs not only from internal and external parties but also from various interested group. The transition moves begin in March 2015 and was officially recognized on 1 November 2016.

For more information, please click SPKP UKM (content in Bahasa Melayu)

Teaching and Learning (SIRIM)

  • Undergraduate Examination Management (AR 2845-2003)
  • Graduate Study Management (AR2845 – 2006)
  • Incorporated into the Undergraduate and Graduate Quality Management System  [SPKPPPS: AR 2845- 2009)

For more information, please click SPK PPPS (content in Bahasa Melayu)

Feedback and Complaints System (eFACT)

UKM Feedback and Complaints System (FACT) was developed to integrate five complaints and feedback systems in UKM such as ICT Damage Reporting System (SMKICT), Feedback and Damage Complaint System (SAK), Feedback and Questions System, Internal Complaint System (SAD ) and Student Internal complaint System (SADP). Seeing the importance of customer feedback on improving the quality of management system in UKM, this system also adds a Suggestion, Appreciation,Question and some new complaints such as Public Complaints, Library Complaints, Occupational Safety and Health Complaints and Complaints of Centre for Academic Development.

The integration of all systems and feedback is very important for centralized monitoring of the effectiveness of actions taken by the Centres of Responsibilities (PTJ). eFact system involves three levels of secretariats which handle complaints at the central level, system level and at PTJ level. This Interactive feedback system allows the complainant to record and check the status of complaints, feedback and questions. In addition, this system also enables the secretariat at the PTJ to make the exchange of the categories of complaints and dismiss the complaint if the complaint received is not under the responsibility of the PTJ.

To ensure customer satisfaction is given  priority, eFACT system holds  on to the customer service charter based on complaints  categories such Easy complaints (complaints resolved within 5 working days), Moderate complaint (complaints resolved within 30 working days), and Complex Complaints (complaints involving financial implications and settlement subject to approval by the authority).

The integrated eFACT system has been fully developed by the end of 2011 and was first launched in January 2012 to UKM staff, students and the public. To date, the secretariat of the system at CQA has reported data obtained at the Meeting of Heads of Divisions.

(Prepared by: SE CQA)