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Library will conduct Information Skills Course every month

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the iQuest system (www.iquest.net.my). In the meantime you may use this link to make a request.  http://www.ukm.my/ptsl/iquest-temp . We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.



The Information Skills Course is a guidance and education service programme for library customers.  The main aim of this course is to build skills in accessing a variety of materials and information sources and to guide the customers towards using the materials and services provided by the Library with efficiency, effectively and independently.  This course is on-going.


  • To expose customers to how they can use the services, facilities and collections to be found in the Library.
  • To understand efficient and effective methods and strategies for finding information.
  • To enable customers to identify and access information from a variety of printed and electronic sources.
  • To build self-confidence in the search for knowledge and information for learning, teaching and research.
  • To build skills in making library comments/library research in the discipline under study.
  • To build skills in making citations for every reference made.
  • To build a culture of life-long education.

Information Skills Courses are on-going and are offered to all students and staff members of UKM.For enquiries and applications, please contact:-

  • 03-89216391 (Law Library)
  • 03-9145 5336 (PPUKM Library)
  • 03-92897098 (Dr. Abdul Latif Library)

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