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Prof. Dr. Akrajas Ali Umar, MIEEE

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Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer

Phone. +603 89118547
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PhD (Physics), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia, January 2004.
SSi (Physics), Universitas Riau, Indonesia, May 1996.



Lecturer. Dept. of Physics, Universitas Andalas, Indonesia. Feb 1997 – Jul 2008
MOSTE Postdoctoral Fellow. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Jan 2004 – Mar 2004
Kyoto University Venture Business Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellow. Kyoto University. Japan Apr 2004 – Mar 2005
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellow. Kyoto University. Japan. Apr 2005 – Mar 2007
Senior Lecturer. Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics, National university of Malaysia, Malaysia. Aug 2008 – Jul 2011
Asociate Professor. Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics, National university of Malaysia, Malaysia, Aug 2011 – present



Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (Excellent Service Award), National University of Malaysia (2011 UKM).
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship, Kyoto University, Japan. 2005.
Venture Business Laboratory (VBL) Kyoto University Postdoctoral Fellowships, Kyoto University, Japan. 2004.
VBL Kyoto University Young Researchers Research Grant Awards, Japan. 2004.
Gold Medal Award for the Invention of Optical Electronic Nose. Salon International Des Inventions. May 2002. Geneva. Switzerland.
Gold Medal Award for the Invention of Optical Electronic Nose. Seoul International Invention Fair. December 2002. Seoul. South Korea.
Gold Medal Award from Korean Women Inventors Association for the New Invention on Optical Electronic Nose. December 2002. Seoul. South Korea.
Gold Medal Award for the Invention of Optical Electronic Nose. I.TEX 2002. April 2002. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.
IEEE Malaysia Section Award for the Invention of Optical Electronic Nose. October 2001.



Member, Institute of Electrical, Electronics Engineering.
Member, IEEE Electron Device Society.
Member, IEEE Communications Society.
Member, Optical Society of America (OSA).

Reviewer for IEEE Sensors Journal (Institute Electrical, Electronic Engineering (IEEE) Society).
Reviewer for Crystals Growth and Design (The American Chemical Society)



Theme: Nanomaterials Engineering for Energy Conversion

Phase crystallinity, morphology and stoichiometry of semiconducting nanostructure determine their optical and electrical properties. By controlling and synergizing these parameters, unusually high photoactivities in these materials can be achieved, promoting enhanced carrier transfer dynamic and carrier transport in photovoltaic process or rapid interfacial charge transfer process during a surface reaction.

The figure shows typical performance enhancement in semiconducting titania when its morphology transformed from spherical to single-crystalline nanograss-like structure (A) in a perovskite solar cell. The nanograss structure promotes rapid interfacial charge transfer and unusually high carrier mobility in the device (D), delivering power conversion efficiency up to 21.6% (C).


Enhancing the Efficiency of Quantum Dots-organics Hybrids Photovoltaic Device by Plasmonic Effect of Silver Nanocrystals. 04/04/2012-03/04/2014. FRGS/1/2012/SG02/UKM/02/3. RM133,200.00.
Investigation on the role of crystalline facet and surface atomic-defect of platinum ultraporous nanocrystal on the charge transfer reaction at the surface , 16/12/2013- 15/12/2016, FRGS/2/2013/SG02/UKM/02/8. RM132,000.00.
Investigation of Localised Plasmonic Effect on the light Energy Conversion Efficiency of Quantum Dots Organics Hybrid Photovoltaic. 01/10/2011 – 30/09/2012. UKM-GUP-2011-377. RM30,000.00.
Fabrikasi Peranti Hibrid Bintik Kuantum-Organik, 01/06/2008 – 31/12/2012 Geran Universiti Penyelidikan (GUP) , UKM-GUP-NBT-08-25-086 . RM397,000.00.
Fabrication of II-VII Semiconductors Quantum Dots-organic Hybrids with Broadband Light-sensitivity Characteristic. 01/11/2009 – 31/10/2011. UKM-RRR1-07-FRGS0037-2009. RM49,000.00.



  1. Talk and experiment on chemical approach for controlled growth of metal and metaloxide nanostructure on solid substrate (Inno TSD European Connect2SEA Program). 11-17 May 2015, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland. Keynote Speaker.
    Scientific writing: How to get your paper accepted in reputed international journal. 24-25 February 2015. Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia. Keynotes Speaker.
  2. International Scientific Spring (ISS-2014), 10-03-2014 – 14-03-2014, National Center for Physics, Quad-i-Azzam University, Islamabad-Pakistan, International. Plenary Speaker.
  3. The 7rd IMEN-Korea Joint seminar on Nanotechnology (2013), 17-22 December 2013. Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea. International. Invited Speaker.
  4. International Scientific Spring (ISS-2012), 03-03-2012 – 11-03-2012, Islamabad-Pakistan, International. Invited Speaker.
    The 6rd IMEN-Korea Joint seminar on Nanotechnology (2012), 7-8 September 2012. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. International. Invited Speaker.
  5. The 5th IMEN-Korea Joint Seminar on Nanotechnology (2011), 18-10-2011 – 22-10-2011, Seoul National University, Korea, International. Invited Speaker.
  6. 2010 International Conference on Optical, Electronic and Electrical Materials, 01-08-2010 – 06-08-2010, Kunming, China. International. Invited Speaker.
  7. The 5rd Joint Seminar on Nanotechnology (2011), 15-11-2011 – 18-11-2011, IMEN-LIPI-BATAN – Yogyakarta, International. Invited Speaker.
  8. The 4rd IMEN-LIPI Joint seminar on Electronic Devices, MEMS and Nanotechnology (2010), 12-13 July 2010, Putrajaya, Malaysia. International. Invited Speaker.
  9. The 3rd IMEN-LIPI Joint seminar on Electronic Devices, MEMS and Nanotechnology (2009), 18-20 August 2009, Bali-Indonesia. International. Invited Speaker.
  10. 8th Asian Conference on Chemical Sensors (ACCS 2009), 10-11-2009 – 16-11-2009, Daegu, Korea. International. Presenter.
    2nd International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering (2009), 07-07-2009 – 12-07-2009, Weihai-China, International. Presenter.
  11. The International Conference for Nanomaterials Synthesis and Characterization (INSC 2011), 04-07-2011 – 05-07-2011, The Mines, Malaysia, International. Presenter.
  12. The 2nd ISESCO International Workshop and Conference on Nanotechnology (IWCN 2010), 25-01-2009 – 27-01-2009, Bangi, Malaysia, International. Presenter.
  13. Nanotechnology: the edge of convergence, 24-11-2011 – 28-11-2011, Puri Pujangga, UKM, International. Presenter/ Committee.
    2010 IEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics (ICSE2010) , 28-06-2010 – 30-06-2010, International. Presenter.
  14. The 3rd Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium Bandung 2010, 15-06-2010 – 18-06-2010, Bandung, Indonesia, International. Presenter.
  15. Nanotech Malaysia 2009: Conference, Forum and Exhibition, 27-10-2009 – 29-10-2009, KLCC, Malaysia, International. Presenter.
  16. Regional Conference on Solid State Science and Technology 2008 (RCSSST 2008) , 30-11-2008 – 02-12-2008, Port Dickson, Malaysia, International. Presenter.
  17. 2008 IEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics, 25-11-2008 – 27-11-2008, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, International. Presenter.
  18. 2009 IEEE Regional Symposium on Micro and Nanoelectronics (IEEE-RSM 2009) , 09-08-2009 – 13-08-2009, Kota Bahru, Kelantan, Malaysia, National. Presenter.



Munetaka Oyama and Akrajas Ali Umar. Formation of gold nanoplates on ITO surface via two-dimensional crystals growth of gold nanoseed in the presence of polyvinyl pyrrolidone. Patent application no. 2005-330762 (Japan).



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