Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

 Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Organic Hybrid Flexible Electronics (OHFEL)


  • The group’s research focuses on applications of organic thin films in electronic devices.
  • The four major areas of focus are OLED fabrication, sensor fabrication, quantum dot devices, and printed electronics.
  • Collaborations with universities in Indonesia, including LIPI and Gadjah Mada University, contribute to the development of organic thin film devices in the country.

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Rusli Daik (Polymer synthesis, nano-structured polymers, bio-synthetic)

Group Members

Research Projects

  • Fabrication of improved white organic light emitting diode for flat panel display.
  • Development of gas sensor using TiO” nanoparticles coated with bio material thin films.
  • Synthesis of SnO’ nanowires for high sensitivity gas sensor.
  • Development of metal oxide-polymer nanocomposice thin films for volatile organic compound gas sensor.
  • Nanowire solid state dye-sensitized solar cells.
  • Development of solid state dye-sensitized titanium dioxide photoelectrochemical cells.
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