Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

 Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Dr. Mohd. Zulhakimi Ab. Razak, SMIEEE

Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer
Phone: +603 89118169
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GRA VACANCY for a research project on IoT Smart Circuit Platform @ IMEN-UKM
We would like to invite applications for positions of Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for a research project on Smart Interfacing Circuits of IoT Devices for Artificial Kidney Active Monitoring System.
1. Bachelor or master degree in Electronics Engineering, Physics or other relevant Degree
2. Candidate MUST register for Master/PhD at the Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
3. Proficient in English and Bahasa Melayu.
4. Strong interest in research and willing to learn.
5. Highly motivated, able to work independently, friendly, diligent.
6. Prior experience on IoT programming and/or hardware design would be an advantage
7. Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted for an interview.



  • Integrated system design
  • Optoelectronics system
  • Mixed-signal IC design, and
  • Smart circuits for internet-of-things (IoT) applications.



  • PhD (IC/VLSI Design), University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • Sc (Electronics and Information Technology), University of Applied Science Rosenheim, Germany.
  • Eng(Hons.)( Electronics and Electrical Engineering), University of Strathclyde, UK.



  • Research Assistant, Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany, Oct 2002 – May 2003.


RESEARCH GRANTS (Total = RM3.3 million, head of research grant = 2)

  1. ICF, 11/2019 – 10/2021, RM 389,965.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code: IF0419I1076.
  2. SMART Challenge Fund, 10/2018 – 03/2021, RM 2, 360,000.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code: PR1217Q1145.
  3. FRGS, 01/2019 – 03/2021, RM 82,000.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code: FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UKM/02/11.
  4. DCP, 12/2018 – 02/2021, RM 100,000.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code: DCP-2018-001/2.
  5. GUP, 11/2018 – 02/2021, RM 60,000.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code: GUP-2018-158.
  6. GGPM, 11/2017 – 01/2021, RM 49,000.00 (project leader). Grant Code: GGPM-2017-091.
  7. GUP, 08/2018 – 08/2020, RM 63,000.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code: GUP-2018-079.
  8. MI Grant, 11/2018 – 11/2019, RM 97,800.00 co-investigator). Grant Code: MI-2018-019.
  9. GGPM, 11/2017 – 11/2019, RM 49,000.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code: GGPM-2017-102.
  10. GUP, 11/2017 – 11/2019, RM 47,600.00 (co-investigator). Grant Code GUP-2017-068.
  11. GGPK, 12/2016 – 12/2019, RM 21,000.00 (project leader). Grant Code: GGPK-2016-005.


Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA
Member, Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET), UK
Graduate Engineer, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Malaysia


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