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 Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Dr. Muhamad Ramdzan Buyong, SMIEEE

Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer

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2011 – 2016, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Phd in Microengineering and Nanoelectronics.

2008 – 2010, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
MSc in Microengineering and Nanoelectronics.

2002 – 2004, University of Surrey, United Kingdom.
BEng in Electronic Engineering.



2. Micro/Nanofluidics
3. Electromicrofluidic,
4. Dielectrophoresis (



Dielectrophoresis Lab-on-a-Chip Devices for Medical Research

A novel innovative approach towards integrated dielectrophoresis (DEP) in the lab-on-a-chip system for medical research application is developed. This integration of DEP with microfluidics technology is called a microelectrofluidics device. The novelty is the selective detection with rapid manipulation capability for biological and non-biological particle applications. Generated of electrokinetics DEP force (FDEP) via contactless method is needed in medical research for diagnostic and prognostic in micro/nanofluidics applications. Our solution is a new method to formulate and determine lateral and vertical for detection, separation, isolation, and manipulation mechanism of FDEP simultaneously. Through a configuration of microelectrodes arrays with a tapered sidewall profile. Resulted in the reliability and efficiency of the tapered DEP microelectrodes in selective detection with rapid manipulation capability are better than straight-cut microelectrodes, which can contribute significantly to DEP technology and applications.


Research Fellow – IMEN, UKM, 2013 – Present
Micro/nanofabrication Cleanrooms
Microfluidics & Nanofluidics Research Laboratory

Senior Researcher – MIMOS Berhad, 2005 – 2013 (8 years)
MEMS/NEMS Lab: Sensors and Actuators Microfabrication Technology
Wafer Fab 6” and 8”: CMOS Process Technology



  1. Principal researcher for Dana Cabaran Perdana-2017-003/3, Dielectrophoresis-based `Lab-on-a-chip` Device for Rapid and Portable Bacterial and Drug-Resistance Strains with a Focus on ESKAPE Pathogens Detection.
  2. Principal researcher for GGPM-2017-028, Dielectrophoresis Repellent and Attraction for Selective Toxin Removal.
  3. Principal researcher for FRGS/1/2017/TK04/UKM/02/14, Tapered Dielectrophoresis Electrode for Anticlogging in Biological Fluids Filtration.
  4. Principal researcher for RR-2019-002, Tapered Dielectrophoresis Microelectrode for Selective Detection and Rapid Manipulation of Extracellular vesicles (EVs).
  5. Higher Institution Centre of Excellence, HiCOE Phase 1st & 2nd, MEMS in Artificial Kidney.
  6. SMART Challenge Fund, IMENGiTi PD: A Portable Tidal Peritoneal Dialysis System.
  7. TRGS/1/2019/UKM/02/1/1, Design and Fabrication of Smart Portable Wound Healer Based on Dielectrophoresis Technique.
  8. LRGS/2015/UKM-UKM/NANOMITE/04/01, Development of Graphene based Nano electromechanical Systems (NEMS) Sensors and Devices.
  9. DIP-2019-018, Epitaxial growth of next generation alpha Gallium Oxide-based power devices using mist-CVD technique
  10. FRGS/1/2019/TK04/UKM/02/1, Elastic Waves Interactions with Micro-Pillars on Piezoelectric Slab for High-Q MEMS Resonator.
  11. FRGS/1/2018/TK07/UKM/02/7, Improvement of Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Properties using SiO2 Graphene Balls for MEMS Thermoelectric Microgenerator.
  12. FRGS/1/2018/TK04/MMU/02/4, Study of cell Manipulation Towards Establishing Microfluidic Platforms for Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy.
  13. FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UTP/03/1, Theoretical Modeling and Simulation of the Effect of Squeeze film damping on the Frequency and Quality factor of PolyMUMPs Resonator.
  14. Grant Yayasan UTP 015LCO-036 2018, Development of Multiple Gas Detection Sensor using MEMS Technology for Oil and Gas Detection.
  15. FRGS/1/2017 TK04/UITM/01/1, Growth Mechanism of Novel Highly Crystalline 3-Dimensional (3D) Nanostructured Niobium Oxide – Zinc Oxide (Nb2O5-ZnO) with Enhanced Sensitivity and Selectivity of Electrical and Chemical Sensing Properties.
  16. FRGS /1/2014/SG06/UKM/02/1, Growth of Catalyst-Free Graphene by Plasma-Assisted CVD Method for Biomedical Devices.
  17. FRGS/2/2013/SG06/UKM/02/3, Plasma Modifications of Biochip Materials for Enhanced Biocompatibility and Interaction between such Surfaces and Cells.
  18. FRGS/2/2013/TK03/UKM/01/1, Study of Dielectrophoretic and Magnetophoretic Nanoparticle Manipulation in Continuous Flow Microfluidic Systems for Biochemical Analysis Platforms.



  1. Buyong MR, Kayani AA, Hamzah AA, Yeop Majlis B. Dielectrophoresis Manipulation: Versatile Lateral and Vertical Mechanisms. Biosensors. 2019 Mar;9(1):30.
  2. Buyong MR, Larki F, Caille CE, Takamura Y, Hamzah AA, Majlis BY. Determination of lateral and vertical dielectrophoresis forces using tapered microelectrode array. Micro & Nano letters. 2018 Feb 1;13(2):143-8.
  3. Buyong MR, Larki F, Takamura Y, Majlis BY. Tapered microelectrode array system for dielectrophoretically filtration: fabrication, characterization, and simulation study. Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS. 2017 Dec;16(4):044501.
  4. Buyong MR, Larki F, Faiz M, Hamzah A, Yunas J, Majlis B. A tapered aluminium microelectrode array for improvement of dielectrophoresis-based particle manipulation. Sensors. 2015 May;15(5):10973-90.
  5. Buyong MR, Yunas J, Hamzah AA, Yeop Majlis B, Larki F, Abd Aziz N. Design, fabrication and characterization of dielectrophoretic microelectrode array for particle capture. Microelectronics International. 2015 May 5;32(2):96-102.



1.Fabrication Method of a Micromechanical Device –  PCT/MY2008/000128.
2. Method for Fabricating Microneedles and Microneedle Fabricated from The Same – PCT/MY2008/000138
3. Device for Microfluidic Application – PCT/MY2008/000162
4. Contact Etch for AMS Products – PCT/MY2008/000163
5. Insulation Methods for Micromechanical Device – PCT/MY2008/000175
6. Packaging Method for Micromechanical Device – PCT/MY2008/000176
7. Planar Micropump with Integrated Passive Micromixers – PCT/MY2010/000253
8. Planar Micropump with Integrated Passive Microvalves – PCT/MY2010/000254
9. Thin Layer Humidity Sensor with Backside Surface Contacted – PCT/MY2010/700033
10. Capacitive Sensor for Intraocular Pressure Measurement and Method of Fabricating – MSc UKM, PCT/MY2010/001421
11. Trench Humidity Sensor – PCT/MY2010/005362
12. Flexible Polymers with Silicon Structure and A Method of Fabrication – PCT/MY2010/0005685
13. ISFET Process with Membrane – PCT/MY2010/000288
14. Humidity Sensor and a Method for Fabricating the same – PCT/MY2011/000136
15. A Method for Releasing MEMS Device – PCT/MY2013/000242
16. A Method for Forming Silicon Grass – PCT/2014/000095
17. A Method for Eliminating Surface Defect – PCT/2014/000139
18. Dielectrophoresis Lateral and Vertical Particle Separation using Two Intensity Electric Field – PI 2016704286
19. Dielectrophoresis Separation with Selectivity Repellent Behaviour for Development Artificial Kidney – PI 2017704119
20. Dielectrophoresis System – PI 2018002688
21. Dielectrophoresis Extracorporeal Blood Processing System – PI 2018002689
22. Dielectrophoresis Lab: On-A-Chip based Systems for Detecting the ESKAPE Pathogens – F.20192377
23. Dielectrophoresis Grids for Exosomes Detection & Characterization – F.20192376



  1. Postgraduate IEEE EDS Awards 2016 (Malaysia Chapter) – Outstanding project in Material, Process and Product.
  2. Award AAP EIPHI FEMTO-ST for Welcome Foreigner Professors 2019.



  1. IEEE, Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  2. MBOT, Board of Engineers Technologist (MBOT)
  3. BEM, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
  4. Electron Devices Society (EDS), Malaysian Chapter



  1. Microelectrode fabrication for dielectrophoresis in collaboration with the industry-SilTerra Malaysia.

    SilTerra Malaysia, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kulim, Malaysia


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