Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

 Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Micro and Nanoelectronics System (MINES)


Most of the system design at IMEN involves VLSI with CMOS technology. We are now preparing ourselves to get into the submicron and nanometer system design technology where more components will be packed into a more and more tiny space of area. IMEN focus the research in this field on circuits to assist MEMS devices. The strength of the group is academicians in and outside of the faculty and a team of more than a dozen of research postgraduate students (MSc/PhD).

Group Leader

Group Member

  • Dr. Jahariah Sampe  (Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design, Digital and Analogue circuit, Energy Harvesting, Wireless and Data Communication, Microelectronics)
  • Dr. Mohd. Zulhakimi Ab. Razak (Integrated circuit (IC) design, Analog, digital, and mixed-signal electronics, Reconfigurable hardware and adaptive architectures, Circuits for biomedical applications, communications, RF, and wireless technologies, Integrated optoelectronic)
  • Dr. Syawal Hamid Ali

Research Projects

  • Architectural exploration of arithmetic units for DSP & Multimedia
  • The development of a Digital Signal Controller – an Enhanced 8051 with DSP capability
  • VLSI implementation of high speed FFT processor for UWB Multiband OFDM
  • Pulse generation for UWB Sys. Circuit design MCML
  • Pulse shaping filter design in UWB comm.. sys. Using DA technique
  • Design of built in self test diagnoses and repair for SRAMs
  • On Chip Implementation of CIC Filter
  • Low noise, single supply capacitive sensing amplifies to integrated MEMS sensor
  • Comparison of adders for ACS block design of IEEE 802.15.3a UWB Viterbi decoder
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