Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

 Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Effect of heat shield locations on rework-induced thermal management in ball grid array solder joint

Journal: Scientific Reports (click here for full paper)

Authors: Adlil Aizat Ismail, Maria Abu Bakar*, Abang Annuar Ehsan, Azman Jalar, John Burke, Zol Effendi Zolkefli, Erwan Basiron

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This study investigated the effectiveness of heat shield placement locations during the rework process to avoid thermal and mechanical damage to adjacent ball grid array components and their solder joints on double-sided printed circuit board assembly. Three types of heat shield placement locations were used: sample X, individual heat shield placement on adjacent components of the rework location; sample Y, a U-shaped, and sample Z, a square-shaped heat shield placed respectively at the heat source location. The dye and pull test results, infrared thermography, and temperature measurements were analysed to understand the relationship between the location of the heat shield and solder joint damage during rework. Heat shield placement at the heat source location on the reworked component can reduce the peak temperatures on the adjacent rework component locations by up to 8.18%. The peak temperatures of the centre and corner of the BGA component can be maintained below 195 °C and 210 °C, respectively to improve the adjacent rework component locations’ solder joint quality by reducing solder joint damage by more than 50% solder cracks. This is useful for thermal management during rework involving high-density ball grid array component placements on double-sided printed circuit board assembly.

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