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UKM Global Webinar Series - The Importance of Associations in the Internationalization Strategies of Universities

November 22nd, 2021 (Monday) | 10.00 am (GMT+8 Kuala Lumpur)

The webinar aims at sharing insights of Malaysian and Japanese HEIs on their active participations in international associations. International Associations has played such an important role in bringing universities from across the world together. Universities become members of associations with the aim to improve networking and establish stronger partnerships with other member universities. Many universities have benefitted through the multilateral nature of these associations that allows universities to have access to other universities through these networks. Among established international associations within the region include Asean Universities Network (AUN) which also includes an AUN+3 component, University Mobility of Asia Pacific (UMAP), The Association of Pacific Rim Universities, The Exchanges for Engineers and Entrepreneurs (GE4) to name a few. The basis of many international associations is towards building bridges between universities, addressing core issues affecting universities across the world and providing a platform for universities to discuss pertaining matters. This session will showcase the sharing of the experiences of universities in Malaysia and Japan on their participations with international associations and how this form of partnership has brought their internationalization efforts to greater heights. It also aims at exploring how and what kind of support associations provide during the pandemic period and dealing with a period of uncertainty.



⇢ Gain insights of the experience of HEIs from Malaysia and Japan being a member of international associations
⇢ Understand the benefits of being a part of an international associations.




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