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UKM Global Webinar Series - Embracing Language and Culture Through Internationalization

December 8th, 2021 (Wednesday) | 2.30 pm (GMT+8 Kuala Lumpur)

One of the key emphasis of internationalization is about bringing students from various cultures together, in their journeys towards acquiring a better future and being respectful global citizens. More international Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are introducing and conducting programs that highlight the importance of culture and language in their exchange and mobility programs. Though English is known to be a universal language, many foreign modern languages are being offered as well to embrace the diversity of the world. Having strong intercultural competence skills and mindset is also an important 21st century skill for the students.  This webinar aims at exploring how language and culture-based programs are being offered in universities in Japan and Malaysia. Discussions will focus on the nature of programs and activities, the intercultural component of the programs, the focus and aims of the programs and the success stories or challenges faced in organizing the programs.



At the end of the webinar, participants will:

learn the importance of offering language and culture-based programs for internationalization and developing future.
Gain insights on the experiences of HEIs from Malaysia and Japan in delivering language and culture-based programs.



International Relations Centre (UKM Global)
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