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Inbound Student

We are delighted that you are considering UKM for your student exchange programme and hope that the information provided in this section can help you make an informed decision to spend a semester or an academic year (1 or 2-semester study) with us.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) offers a distinctively Asian and global experience that is grounded in maximizing the potential of students and their future-readiness. Incoming exchange students can take a variety of cross-disciplinary modules from Engineering & Technology to Southeast Asian languages and cultures.

Aside from being a leading research university in Malaysia, UKM brings a fun, exciting and conducive environment for students to experience something new. Here in Bangi Selangor, students have a wide range of activities to do all day along. From sports facilities to hipster cafes, all are available within a 5 KM radius. For those who love fashion and latest trends, Bangi Sentral, Bangi Gateway and IOI City Mall are the places to go. Students are able to lead a healthy lifestyle within a global, multicultural environment, which is unique to Malaysia alone. Where else could one experience active learning, exhilarating adventure and rich culture, if not at UKM?

Requirements and Eligibility

➜ Registered as a full-time student at home university.
➜ Have completed at least two academic semesters at home university.
➜ CGPA score: minimum 3.0 / 4.0.
➜ TOEFL iBT: 79, TOEFL ITP: 550 or IELTS Band 6 or TEPS or DUOLINGO certificate
➜ Have good English proficiency in both speaking and writing.
➜ Must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of UKM or placement provider.
➜ Agrees to be responsible for the costs incurred.


Application Period

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Application Procedures

  1. Fill up the application form – Application For UKM Non-Graduate Programme.
  2. UKM Global will do application review and clarification.
  3. UKM Global will forward the application to the host faculty for their review and approval.
  4. The offer letter will be issued out by the UKM Academic Department after faculty’s approval.


Incoming students may refer to the for the list of courses available.
➜ Incoming student who will register on October, please choose subjects offered in Semester 1;
➜ Incoming student who will register on March, please choose subjects offered in Semester 2;
➜ List of courses MUST be chosen from one host faculty only.


Additional Documents:

UKM Student Exchange (Inbound) Factsheet - Semester 1, 2024/2025

UKM Student Exchange (Inbound) Factsheet - Semester 2, 2023/2024

UKM Academic Calendar - 2024/2025

UKM Academic Calendar - 2023/2024

Outbound Student

At UKM you can choose from the many corners of the world to exchange, explore and experience! From our long list of partner universities, we provide you a bridge to continue your studies and travel to where you desire. What better way can you explore the world whilst completing your studies? Go Global!

Participate in an outbound exchange program with a partner university to witness and experience the colors of different cultures across the world.

Study abroad and create a better you. Interested? Head on to our LIST of what you need to know and do before going for an outbound exchange program.

UKM Global coordinates the application of students in multiple semester exchange programs organized by PARTNER universities. Your time spent abroad will not only be educational – it will also deepen your understanding of other cultures in this world we share.

Review Requirements and Eligibility

➠ Registered as a full-time UKM student and enrolled in an undergraduate program.
➠ Completed at least two academic semesters at UKM.
➠ Minimum CGPA 3.0 over 4.0.
➠ Have a good English proficiency in both speaking and writing.
➠ Meet good academic standing as outlined in the current.
➠ Must agree to abide by the rules and regulations of UKM or host university.
➠ Agree to be responsible for the cost incurred.


Do Your Research

➠ Review the partner universities requirements for detailed information on exchange such as how to apply, courses available, academic calendar, previous records of exchange with UKM, funding and living costs.

➠ Use the application documents (How to Apply) as planning tools to help guide your research.


How to apply?

Step 1: Email or book an appointment with our Exchange Team to consult about your exchange plan.

Step 2: Discuss with your Program Coordinator/ Deputy Dean (Academic) on exchange pertaining to your degree requirement, your major, understanding your academic requirement for graduation purposes and credit transfer.

Step 3: Complete the Host University application form.

Step 4: Submit completed required documents.

Step 5: Get the Offer Letter from the Host University.

Step 6(a): Apply for the Outbound Student Mobility Fund by completed the application form (Download Here). Review the term and conditions (View Here) before fill up the form.

Step 6(b): Apply for approval to go abroad via ‘Sistem Integrasi Pengurusan Bakat, Aktiviti dan Resume Pelajar (iSTAR)’ through

Step 6(c): UKM Global and the Faculty Committee Team will review the student's fund application.

Step 7: Preparations to go abroad and attend the course at the Host University.

Step 8: For the semester exchange program, inform the UKM Academic about the program for update the enrollment status to 'Mendaftar Mobiliti'

Step 9: Complete the course at Host University and apply for credit transfer at home faculty in UKM.

Outbound Mobility Funds

For the outbound programme where UKM students are sent abroad, the UKM Global provides financial support to students to expand their UKM experience with academic programmes and experiences offered outside Malaysia. Travel grants for qualified students are given to enable them to participate in student-exchange programmes and attach themselves to industries in foreign universities, laboratories and companies. This financial support is open to Malaysian Undergraduate students from all faculties. Subject to the terms and conditions in the Guidelines as attached below.

There are several outbound mobility funding that is available:

  • The ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) by MOE
  • ASEAN University Network (AUN) Exchange Programme
  • PKS / Faculties / PAP
  • from the variuos MoU and MoA

Click HERE to download the Fund Application Form (Borang Permohonan Dana Mobiliti Pelajar (Ke Luar Negara).

Click HERE for application Term & Condition.