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AKEPT-UKM Talk: Global Series Webinar 1

14 May 2020 (Thursday) | 9.00 am (GMT+8 Kuala Lumpur)

This program aims to discuss the impact that the current Covid-19 has had on international higher education and how universities are reacting to the situation. It follows through the plan of actions done by universities from different parts of the world in dealing with this global battle. The pandemic has changed what traditional teaching and learning environment used to be like and universities have to now accelerate their speed of transformation in adapting to these new challenges.

The panel of experts consist from scholars to practitioners from four different regions sharing their experiences in dealing with this unplanned necessary change. The discussion includes their strategy in embracing this new normal of education and the preparations involved in realizing this strategy.



1. To provide participants with practical competencies and transferable skills in response to evolving higher education landscape.
2. To impart knowledge of the current trends and challenges of higher education globally.
3. To explore the strategic management and decision- making processes required in dealing with change and transformation.



Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT)
Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

in collaboration with

International Relations Centre (UKM Global)
The National University of Malaysia (UKM)