The Global Leadership Programme 2021 (U-LEAD) is a ten-day virtual programme that focuses on creating new global leaders. The program focuses on the important issues of leadership and multiculturalism in the era of globalization. The programme creates a platform for a network between the younger generation to build ideas and interact with people of different cultures.



Programme Information


Date: 26th July- 13th August 2021
Virtual Platform: Zoom Meeting


Module Topics

Day 1 - 3


▸ Understanding Culture
▸ World Changer Future Leaders
▸ World Political Leaders
▸ Icons and Leader


Day 4 - 7


▸ Strategic Branding
▸ Personality Branding
▸ Effective Communication


Day 8 - 10 ▸ Asia Economic Leader
▸ Young Entrepreneur
▸ Cultural and Group Presentation


Information and tips for participant

The U-LEAD 2021 programme will use the Zoom platform as a meeting with all participants. All are advise to:-