Advanced Silicon Solar Cells Laboratory

The following are the equipment available in the Laboratory. The equipment are located in the Croom Class 100 facilitation for POCl3, PECVD, and vapour etching systems with electrical connections, gas cabinets, scrubber exhaust, and safety interlocks, air conditioning etc.

1. POCl3 Installation and Wet Benches

Single tube furnace, standalone unit, three-zone system with 1300C maximum, temperature, digital programmable controllers, two-gas inputs, two gas-cabinets, quartz-tube diameter 8”, length 36“, complete system with POCl3 hookup, sensors and monitors for safety.

IMG_3408   IMG_3409   IMG_3422

2. PECVD Nitride System

Low temperature deposition of silicon nitride through plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition, PC-interface for RF power, gas flows, and pressures, mass flow controllers, and Advanced Energy PE-2500 Plasma Generator. Wafer sizes in 4”-14” diameter range per run, typical etch rate 400 angstroms per minute.


3. Two Screen Printers

Front and backside solar cell contacts, print area up to 18”, solar cell contact mask screens for 4” and 6” diameter wafers, x-y adjustments up to ~ ± 12 mm, repeatability ~ ± 20 m m, rotation adjustment ~± 5-deg, height adjustment ~ 1”, spin speed ~ up to 12” per second, Al and Ag pastes for contacts, one new system, and one used (back surface).


4. Rapid Thermal Annealing Furnace

Back surface field formation, screen-print contact anneal, belt width 9”, length 30-inch, speed 0-6ipm digitally controlled, three-zone, temperature maximum of 1000C, Tungsten filament heating, used equipment.


5. Plasmaless Edge Isolation and Texturing System

Multi-vapour etching system capable of etching 4”-8” wafers, three vapour sources, PC-based, LabVIEW interface, configured for edge isolation and surface texturing, supplied with XeF2 crystals.


6. Plasma Ion Immersion Implantation

One of a kind, BF3 plasma doping system for wafer, diameters up to 8”, PC-based LabVIEW interface, temperature control, Mass flow controllers, Turbo pump vacuum, and safety features.


7. One-Sun LIV and Spectral Response System

Based on MOS-transistor technology, capable of measuring wide range of powers (~ 0.2 -100 Watt), PC-based LabVIEW interface, spectral response in 0.3-1.2-mm range.


8. Dicing Saw

Automated dicing saw, capable of dicing 4”-6” wafers.


9. Module Tester

Based on MOS-transistor technology, capable of measuring wide range of powers (~ 0.2 -100 Watt), PC-based LabVIEW interface, large area.


10. Laminator

To laminate modules with glass front and glass back, glass and aluminium, glass and tedlar or tefzeltedlar, or modules with glass or tefzel front and fiberglass back. The platen allows for module laminations of up to 625mm x 625mm (24”x24”).


The lab is capable of producing up to 80 W panel.