Solar Energy Research Institute

Institut Penyelidikan Tenaga Suria | Solar Energy Research Institute

Wind Energy Technology Facility

Wind Energy Technology Facility focuses on research related to the numerical and experimental study of the aerodynamics and structural dynamics of wind turbines. The equipment is managed by Dr. Ahmad Fazlizan Abdullah.

Low Speed Wind Tunnel

The low wind speed tunnel is equipped with
the bell-shape inlet contraction, honeycomb straightener and pressure sensor.
It is useful in aerodynamic studies, wind turbines, atmospheric boundary layer,


Wind speed range: 0-15 m/s

Test section: 0.5 m x 0.5 m x 2.0 m


Environmental Climatic Chamber

The environmental climatic chamber is a
system that enables users to manipulate the environmental conditions of an
enclosed space to run controlled tests on a subject. It consists of the hot
side and cold side that separated by a wall with an opening.


Hot side temperature: up to 100 °C

Hot side humidity: 10-90%

Cold side: Split unit air-conditioner