Solar Energy Research Institute

Institut Penyelidikan Tenaga Suria | Solar Energy Research Institute

Postgraduate Information and Regulation

Postgraduate Form

Student and Course Registration

  1. Notice of Proposal Presentation
  2. UKM/PPPS/C/P03/AK04/01 Application to Course Withdrawal
  3. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP02-AK02-BR02 Application for Deferment of Admission
  4. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP03-AK03-BR02 Application for Course Exemption
  5. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP03-AK03 Application to Change Type of Registration
  6. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP03-AK03-BR01 Application for Study Deferment
  7. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP03-AK03-BR04 Application for Study Extension
  8. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP04-AK02-BR01 Application to Change Supervisor
  9. UKM/PPPS/C/E02/P04/AK10/01 Application to Add Supervisor

Thesis / Dissertation

  1. UKM-SKPPP-PTPP05-AK03-BR02 Checklist and Notice of Thesis / Dissertation of Submission
  2. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP05-AK03-BR03 Nomination Form for Internal and External Examiner
  3. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP05-AK04-BR07 Checklist and Amended Thesis / Dissertation Submission
  4. UKM-SKPPP-PTPP05-AK06 Checklist of Oral Examination Appeal
  5. UKM-SKPPP-PTPP05-AK03-BR01 Non-Plagiarism Verification Form
  6. UKM-SPKPPP-PTPP05-AK03-BR04 Thesis Submission Checklist for Examination


  1. Application for Academic Transcript
  2. Application to Obtain The Degree Certificate Before The Convocation Ceremony