(Center for Shaping Advanced & Professional Education)

Operation of Moving UKMShape Office to Bangunan Puri-Pujangga

Kindly be informed that the operations of UKMShape Division/Department as below will start in Bangunan Puri Pujangga, UKM from 20 March 2023.

List of Division/Department :

  1. Director’s Office
  2. Deputy Director’s Office
  3. Administration Division
  4. Academic and Admission Division
  5. Marketing Division
  6. UKMCare Division

Note : Finance Division and Visa and Student Pass Project Team will remain its operations in Bangunan Wawasan, until further notice.

For all matters involving the aforementions Divisions/Departments, kindly proceed to Bangunan Puri Pujangga from 20 March 2023 onwards.

During this moving/transfer period, you may email the Division/Department involved for assistance (refer to UKMShape website > Info > Directory,

We regret any inconvenience caused. Thank you.