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PhD/MSc Position Available or
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MSc/PhD Vacancy: Available! Project: Ultra-low Power RF Transceiver for Biomedical Devices Duration: 2-3 Years Under Supervision: Associate Professor Ir. Dr Jahariah Sampe (MINES Group) Contact:


MSc/PhD Vacancy: Available! POSITION FULL Project: Sputter-deposition of Aluminium Nitride Crystals on Polymer Thin Film for Highly Piezoelectric and Flexible Energy Harvester Duration: 2-3 Years

Effects of argon/nitrogen sputtering gas on the microstructural, crystallographic and piezoelectric properties of AlN thin films

Journal: Scripta Materialia (click here for full paper) Authors: Muhammad Izzuddin Abd Samad, Mimiwaty Mohd Noor, Nafarizal Nayan, Ahmad Shuhaimi Abu Bakar, Marwan Mansor, Ahmad Wafi

Effect of heat shield locations on rework-induced thermal management in ball grid array solder joint

Journal: Scientific Reports (click here for full paper) Authors: Adlil Aizat Ismail, Maria Abu Bakar*, Abang Annuar Ehsan, Azman Jalar, John Burke, Zol Effendi Zolkefli, Erwan

Formation of Ultimate Thin 2D Crystal of Pt in the Presence of Hexamethylenetetramine

Journal: International Journal of Molecular Science (click here for full paper) Authors: Siti Naqiyah Sadikin, Marjoni Imamora Ali Umar, Azrul Azlan Hamzah, Muhammad Nurdin, Akrajas Ali

Assessing defect-assisted emissions in indirect bandgap BaSi2 by photoluminescence

Journal: Journal of Luminescence (click here for full paper) Authors: Abdul Rahman Mohmad, Zhihao Xu, Yudai Yamashita, Takashi Suemasu Contact details for further info: Summary:

Exploiting a strong coupling regime of organic pentamer surface plasmon resonance based on the Otto configuration for creatinine detection

Journal: Optics Express (click here for full paper) Authors: Muhammad Asif Ahmad Khushaini, Nur Hidayah Azeman, Muhamad Mat Salleh, Tg Hasnan Tg Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Ashrif A

Ultrasonic-assisted polyaniline-multiwall carbon nanotube photocatalyst for efficient photodegradation of organic pollutants

Journal: Journal of Water Process Engineering (click here for full paper) Authors: Mohammad Rezaei Ardani, Ai Ling Pang, Ujjwal Pal, Rongkun Zheng, Agus Arsad, Azrul Azlan Hamzah,

Synergistic effect of bi-phased and self-doped Ti+3 on anodic TiO2 nanotubes photoelectrode for photoelectrochemical sensing

Journal: Journal of Alloys and Compounds (click here for full paper) Authors: Khaled M.Chahrour, Poh Choon Ooi, A.M. Eid, Ahmed Abdel Nazeer, Metwally Madkour, Chang Fu

Tuning the composition of heavy metal-free quaternary quantum dots for improved photoelectrochemical performance

Tuning the composition of heavy metal-free quaternary quantum dots for improved photoelectrochemical performance Journal: Journal of Materials Chemistry A (click here for full paper) Authors: Cheng Liu,

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