LESTARI has organised and participated in various national and international meetings to fullfill its capacity building objectives. In order to facilitate technology transfer, research findings from various projects are channeled to targeted audiences through seminars, workshops, round-table dialogues, conferences,symposium and other meetings as well as its publications.


  1. Kolokium Siswazah LESTARI (T.B.D)
  2. Program Penjelajahan Saintis Cilik Ekosistem Tanah Tinggi (6-8 Mac 2020 – Bukit Fraser)
  3. Diskusi Kases 7/2019: Land and Society (20.12.2019-LESTARI UKM)
  4. Diskusi Kases 6/2019: Tasek Bera: Past, Present and Future (04.12.2019 – LESTARI UKM)
  5. LESTARI Public Lecture: Power Shift Towards Sustainability : Renewable Energy For Climate and Ecosystem Change (YB Yeo Bee Yin) (02.12.2019 – Pusat Siswazah UKM)
For further information and collaboration:
Mohd Khairul Zain Ismail
Senior Science Officer of LESTARI
Tel: (+603) 89214858