A. Doctor of Philosophy

B. Master of Science

C. Master of Arts

Specialised field:

  1. Development and Social Well-being
  2. Urbanization and the Region
  3. Ecosystem and Landscape
  4. Education for Sustainable Development
  5. Environmental Governance
  6. Governance of Natural Resources
  7. Governance of Hazardous Substances and Wastes
  8. Cultural Heritage
  9. Biological Heritage
  10. Geological Heritage
  11. Environmental Health
  12. Disaster Management
  13. Climatic Hazard
  14. Geological Hazard
  15. Technological Hazard

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Sustainability Science Lecture:

Sustainability Science (JSXX 6012) – Proforma  |  Synopsis  | Timetable

Advanced Sustainability Science (JSXX 6022) – Proforma  |  Timetable

Research Methodology (JSXX 6014) – Proforma  | Timetable

All potential students also may refer to Academic UKM for other scholarships.

For further information:

Mrs. Nur Amira Ahmad
Assistant Registrar of LESTARI
Tel: (+603) 89214158

Ms. Ku Adriani Ku Ayob
Senior Research Officer of LESTARI
Tel: (+603) 89214163