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Wacana KeLESTARIan | Sustainability Discourse

Wacana KeLESTARIan | Sustainability Discourse is the official LESTARI’s discourse series to showcase multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary projects, activities and research findings related to Sustainability Science and Governance, highlighting the three pillars of Sustainable Development, i.e. the environment, the economy and the human.

Wacana KeLESTARIan | Sustainability Discourse may be organised in the form of a seminar, dialogue, forum, etc. by experts ranging from academic or researchers to personnel from the government and business sectors as well as from the NGOs and/or the CBOs.

Wacana KeLESTARIan | Sustainability Discourse


1 – A Seminar by Professor Hugh P. Possingham [The University of Queensland, Australia] [A collaboration with the Australian High Commission]
‘Formulating and Solving Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Conservation Problems within Economic and Food Production Constraints’
5th February 2016 | 9.30 am | Bilik Majlis, Canselori UKM

2 – A Seminar by Dr. A.J.M Farooque [University of Chittagong, Bangladesh]
‘Large-Scale Renewable Energy Project: Introducing a Dynamic Approach’
9th February 2016 | 2.30 pm | LESTARI Meeting Room, UKM

3 – A Seminar by Dr. Sahadev Sharma [United States Forest Services & The University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA]
‘Carbon Stocks of Intact, Deforested and Restored Mangrove Forests
29th August 2016 | 2.30 pm | LESTARI Lecture Hall, UKM

4 – A Seminar by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tahmina Rashid (University of Canberra, Australia] [A collaboration with UNESCO, UNESCO Japan Funds-in-Trust & UNESCO Malaysia Funds-in-Trust]
‘UNESCO Sustainability Science Demonstration Sites: Potential Role of Local Communities in Integrative Socio-Environmental Approaches and Decision Making’
26th September 2016 | 10.00 am | LESTARI Lecture Hall, UKM

5 – A Seminar by Professor William Balee [Tulane University, USA]
‘The Wonder of Trees: Comparing Malaysia with Amazonia Forests’
29th September 2016 | 10.30 am | LESTARI Lecture Hall, UKM

6 – A Seminar by Dr. Yumiko Yasuda [The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Netherlands & The International Centre for Water Cooperation, Stockholm, Sweden]
‘Trans-Boundary Water Cooperation: Approaches, Issues and Stakeholders’
1st November 2016 | 2.30 pm | LESTARI Lecture Hall, UKM

7 – A Seminar by Professor Mohammad O. Aljahdali [King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia] [A collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia]
‘Monitoring Changes of Mangrove Trees in Rabigh Lagoon Swamps Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Techniques’
10th November 2016| 10.00 am | LESTARI Lecture Hall, UKM


1 – A Seminar by Emeritus Professor Dr. Mohd Nordin Hj. Hasan [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
‘Planetary Boundaries and Sustainability’
3rd May 2017| 9.30 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM

2 – A Seminar by Dr. Paul Griffiths [University of Cambridge, UK]
‘Tropospheric Ozone and Methane in the United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols (UKCA) Model’
25th September 2017| 10.00 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM

3 – A Seminar by Dr. Christian Häberli [Bern University, Switzerland] [A collaboration with the World Trade Institute]
‘Can the Climate Agreement be Implemented Despite WTO Rules?’
28th September 2017| 10.00 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM

4 – A Seminar by Professor Dr. Fredolin Tangang FASc. [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia] [A collaboration with the Academy of Sciences Malaysia]
‘Severe Drought Condition over Indonesian Region under Unmitigated Climate Change Scenarios: Implications to Malaysia and Surrounding Countries’
23rd November 2017| 10.00 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM


1 – A Seminar by Dr. Choy Yee Keong [Keio University, Tokyo]
‘Global Warming: The 1.5 ‘c Danger Zone and Its Implications for Green Transformation in Malaysia’
23rd January 2019 | 10.00 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM

2 – A Seminar by Prof. Vishvajit Pandya [Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information Communication Technology, India]
‘In Two Worlds: Learning and Teaching in The Jarawa School Project, Andaman Islands’
31st May 2019| 2.30 pm | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM

3 – A Seminar by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fachruddin M. Mangunjaya [Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia]
‘Pemulihan Biodiversiti dan Ekologi Menurut Perspektif Islam’
17th July 2019| 10.30 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM


1 – Public Lecture by Prof. Dr. Rashid Sumaila [The University of British Columbia]
‘Economic Disconnects and The Development of Effective Plastic Pollution Mitigation Policies’
4th August 2022| 9.30 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM


1 – Bah Baling 2022: Merungkai Persoalan ke Arah Penyelesaian Kelangsungan Hidup
4th January 2023 | 8.30 am | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM

2 – Public Lecture by Prof. Dr. Joy Jacqueline Pereira [Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia]
Climate Change 2023: Synthesis Report of The IPCC AR6 –  Implications for Disaster Risks
19th April 2023| 10.00 am | Zoom Meeting

3 – Public Lecture by Dr. Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor [IKIM]
Mitigating Environmental Degradation: Muslims’ Strategic Roles for Human Well-Being and Planetary Stability
14th September 2023| 2.00 pm | Main Lecture Hall, LESTARI-UKM

4 – Public Lecture by Prof. Dr. Sandra Kurfurst [University of Cologne Germany]
Grow at Home, Buy Local: Urban Gardening nd Rural-Urban Supply Chains in Northern Vietnam
23rd November 2023| 3.30 pm | Zoom Meeting


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