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UKM Temporal Bone Course

Dear Doctors,

Welcome to the UKM Temporal Bone Dissection Course. This course is made known to ENT surgeons and trainees by Professor Lokman Saim since 1990s.  The key of a successful otologic and neuro-otologic surgery is based on adequate knowledge of the anatomy of temporal bone and practical sessions on the dissection in the lab as well as in the operating theatre. This course gives participants the opportunity to perform various form of surgery namely the common canal wall up and canal wall down mastoidectomy as well as facial nerve exploration and advanced stage in performing labyrhinthectomy.

We believe temporal bone dissection is and will always remain the most important method of studying the anatomy of the ear and a mandatory procedure before one is allowed to perform otological and neuro-otological surgery.  Our course is limited to small number of participants per session.  The advantage of keeping the number of participants small is that there will be better individualized supervision from the instructor.

Our lab is well equipped with a microscope, suction pump, micro drill and a basic surgical instrument set.

Sometime features not only hands on dissection but also live surgery on common otology cases

I sincerely hope that this dissection course will benefit all the participants in theoretical knowledge and clinical skills.

I wish you an enjoyable temporal bone dissection course.


Course Director