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Surgeri II (Kod Modul: FF5129)


During the 7 week posting, the students will initially be given a week of refresher course which will include seminars and lectures on specific topics plus demonstrations on basic surgical procedures (Appendix 1). Following this, they will be divided into 2 groups; each group will be required to spend a 3 week rotation each in UKMMC and Teluk Intan Hospital (Appendix 2). The group at UKMMC will be further divided based on the 5 units in General surgery consisting of;

  1. Breast and Endocrine Surgery
  2. Colorectal Surgery
  3. Hepatobiliary Surgery
  4. Vascular Surgery
  5. Minimally Invasive Surgery
    **These subgroups will consist of 5-15 students who will be taught by 5-10 lecturers.

Each lecturer is required to teach at least weekly for a minimum of an hour. However, the leaders of these subgroups are responsible to contact the lecturers themselves, early in the posting, to arrange for these teaching sessions which are usually conducted in the wards. Other additional teaching sessions usually take place in the operation theatres, clinics and endoscopy suites. Students are exposed to the concept of senior clerkship during their surgical attachment. The senior clerkship serves to prepare the students to become familiar and competent in handling common surgical cases and perform simple day-to-day procedures as surgical house officers. The current module will give more emphasis in basic surgical emergencies and procedures. Apart from these, the general surgical posting also imparts the personal and professional development module in the training. In line with the senior clerkship concept, the students are required to go on-call and perform as “Junior House Officers”.

All tasks(performed/observed) by the students must be immediately documented in their respective log books (Appendix 3) for verification/grading purposes by the supervising doctors/staff. At the end of each 3 week posting, the students need to get their supervisors’ report. Each student should at the end of the surgical posting have a total of 2 supervisor’s report; one from Teluk Intan Hospital and one from UKMMC. The Friday of the 5th week of posting is the dateline to submit a case report to the office for stamping of date of reception; those submitted thereafter will be rejected & the student will be given a zero for his/her case write-up.  The end of posting test will be held in the surgical wards in UKMMC on the last day. Having completed the surgical posting, the students are expected to have acquired the necessary surgical knowledge and skills to enable them to be proficient house officers.



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