Prof. Madya Dato’ Dr Mohd Izhar Ariff bin Mohd Kashim

Fiqh and Fatwa Expert
  • Jabatan / Department :
    Pusat Kajian Syariah


Associate Professor Dato’Dr. Hj. Mohd Izhar Ariff Mohd Kashim is a lecturer at the Center for Syariah Studies, Faculty of Islamic Studies, UKM and is an expert in the field of Contemporary Fatwa; Islamic Jurisprudence of Dietary and Contemporary Consumerism. Many studies have been done by him such as Determination of genetically modified food (GMF) based on animals according to Islam and science, Determination of blood plasma law in food/cosmetic products, Determination of halal vaccine law in Malaysia, Rasulullah's Diet according to Fiqh and Science, Determination of urine law camels according to Islam & science and more. He is also a well -known leading preacher of the country. His name and expertise are widely utilized by various levels, including the Selangor Halal Certification Panel, JAKIM, UKM Marketing Ambassador, Ministry of Youth & Sports Ambassador, YADIM Dakwah Fellow, Senior Fellow at the UKM Islamic Hadhari Institute, National Vaccine Ambassador and many more. His prominence as a researcher, writer, journal article, book, newspaper and religious magazine was evident when one of his books published by UKM Publishers 2017 was named the Recipient of the BEST NATIONAL SCIENCE FIQH BOOK AWARD 2018 presented by Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. As of 2021, a total of (616) publications have been registered. (115) are journal articles, (1) Q1 articles, (4) Q2 articles, (4) Q3 articles, (66) SCOPUS articles, (11) WoS articles, (30) refereed journals, (28) chapters in books, (8) religious books/ public reading motivation, (29) Proceedings articles, 4 Policy Papers and (402) publications of national famous newspapers/ magazines (Source e-rap UKM 2021). He has successfully produced (38) MA students and (11) PhD students in the field of Current Fatwa Fiqh. Based on the tree, he received many awards from various parties and agencies, including the Order of Merit by KDYMM Sultan of Selangor in 2012 and KDYMM Sultan of Pahang in 2016.