Malaysian Research Evaluation (MyRA®)

The MyRA® instrument was introduced by Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to measure inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact of Development, Research, Commercialization & Innovation (RDCI) of National University of Malaysia to achieve excellence in research.

The criteria measured in the MyRA ® assessment are:

  1. Quality and Quantity of Researchers
  2. Quality and Quantity of Research
  3. Postgraduate Quality and Quantity
  4. Innovation
  5. Professional Services and Gifts
  6. Network and Reach
  7. Support Facilities

CRIM manages the collection and validation of MyRA ® data in collaboration with PTJ. CRIM provides an achievement monitoring system MyRA ® (MyRA II Report) to enable PTJs to monitor the achievement of MyRA ® and act to ensure strategies and action plans can be put in place to improve MyRA ® rating performance.