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Audit and Benchmarking

Audit and Benchmarking Section (BAP) is responsible for planning and managing audit and evaluation activities in accordance with the core processes related to education, research, student support, services and resources, including operating and monitoring of provisional accreditation, full accreditation audit and monitoring audit for academic programmes in compliance with the requirements of MQA and UKM status as a self-accrediting institution.

BAP is also responsible for coordinating and monitoring the operation of professional programme  audit by relevant professional bodies and conducting benchmarking and implementation of national and international best practices for continuous quality improvement. BAP also needs to plan and coordinate training needs, provide advice and support in a variety of quality audit activities and auditor training.

In addition, the BAP was also given  the responsibility for planning the development of ICT support systems to improve the effectiveness of audit management. Among the systems that have been developed is the Studies Programmes qualification registration System (UKM-QR)  and ICT system  that will be developed is  an Auditor Database System.

(Prepared by: PP BAP)