Pusat Jaminan Kualiti (Kualiti-UKM)

 Kualiti Pemacu Inovasi


Director’s Terms of Reference

  • Designing and developing the university’s quality policy and other policies that could strengthen UKM Quality Life cycle.
  • Coordinating the implementation of quality cycles and comprehensive quality improvement agenda in Centres of Responsibilities (PTJ) and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Coordinating a balanced implementation between core processes (education, research and service) as well as service delivery system in accordance with the UKM status as a Research University and self-accrediting institution.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the actions of continuous improvement in Centres of Responsibilities periodically and ensure its effectiveness.
  • Designing and implementing the culture of quality and instilling work culture that emphasizes the process implementation and the output production that meet customer requirements.
  • Providing quality documentation on behalf of the University to meet the audit requirements of external bodies (eg MQA, MOE).
  • Acting as a liaison for the university and the other parties inside and outside the country as well as a regional reference in matters related to quality