Pusat Jaminan Kualiti (Kualiti-UKM)

 Kualiti Pemacu Inovasi

Director’s Message

Assalamualaikum wbth and Greetings

The Centre for Quality Assurance  (CQA) was established on February 10, 2011 (LPU approval No. 1/2011 dated February 10, 2011). The establishment of CQA is in line with the recommendation of  MQA for UKM to establish a Centre for Quality Assurance (Pusat Jaminan Kualiti) to ensure UKM’s Quality Assurance System  is more organised and efficient.

In its tender age and together with a huge accountability for coordinating and monitoring UKM Quality Lifecycle, CQA has developed a strong foundation by creating three (3) portfolio of Audit and Benchmarking, Quality Management System, and Planning and Quality Improvement. To ensure effective Quality Assurance System and continuous improvement is done, CQAalways strives to practise shared values (nilai murni) with leadership that leaves a legacy, work Professionalism, integrity, Dynamics and prioritising the spirit of collegiality.

In order to increase UKM Quality Assurance System, CQA always strives and is committed by making the  CQA motto Quality Driven Innovation as an inspiration to face challenges and move forward.


Prof. Madya Dr. Roziah Sidik @ Mat Sidek

Centre for Quality Assurance