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Digital Signal Processing Research Group

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Signal Processing, Digital Filter

The principal Digital Signal Processing (DSP) research areas comprise speech, audio, image, physiological and multimodal signal processing. The approach adopted by the group is one that strikes a balance between both directed fundamental research and applied research.  In fundamental research our strength is the area of digital filter design while in applied research we are bent towards biometrics, intelligent systems, biomedical and RFID applications. We have integrated DSP solutions with other systems where our most successful endeavor has been in intelligent vehicles.  We also believe that there can be an artistic expression to the very serious and scientific nature of DSP. Our research themes are:

  • Digital Filter Design and Applications
  • Biometric and Multimodal Signal Processing
  • Integrated and Embedded Digital Signal Processing Systems
  • Artistic and Multimedia Signal Processing






Prof. Ir. Dr. Salina Abdul Samad

Head of Group

Digital Signal Processing

Multimodal Signal Processing


salinasamad [at]

Dr. Anuar Mikdad Muad

Academic Staff

Signal Processing

Pattern Recognition

anuar_muad [at]

Dr. Fazida Hanim Hashim

Academic Staff

Intelligent systems

Multi-agent systems

Optimization algorithms

VLSI design

fazida [at]

Dr. Aqilah Baseri Huddin

Academic Staff

Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning Network

aqilah [at]

Dr. Siti Salasiah Mokri

Academic Staff

Biomedical Engineering (Image Processing)

Control and Mechatronics

siti1950 [at]


Current research projects :

  1. Improved 3D Image Reconstruction with Super Resolution Technique for A Computed Laminography System
  2. Designing Optimal Advanced Correlation Filters for Spectrogram and Scalogram Processing
  3. Enhancing Visual Perception in Inverse Perspective Mapping Imagery
  4. Struktur Bangunan : Rangkaian Pemantauan Pintar
  5. A Synthesis of Raman Spectrum Physical Attributes and Chemical Characteristics for Premium CPO
  6. Optimizing A Deep Learning Neural Network for Pattern Recognition Based on Genetic Algorithm Tuning Method
  7. Convolutional Neural and Capsule Networks Prognosis Model For Brain Glioma Patients From MRI Images
  8. Conjoining Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) And Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) For Effective Lung Lesions Classification Of Pet/Ct Images


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