Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Wireless Technology and Networking Research Group

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IoT, Beyond 5G, mmWave, Massive MIMO, Intelligent Transportation System, Satellite Communication

The Wireless Technology and Networking Research Group is located at the Department of Electric, Electronic and Systems at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The group performs fundamental and translational academic research with strong levels of industrial application. Our world leading research addresses topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Massive MIMO, Intelligent Transportation Systems, millimeter wave networks, as well as coding and information theory. Many of these subjects are critical in the development of efficient and cost-effective 5G networks. The research group aims to create strategic research outputs with long lasting benefits for society and the economy.






Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Fadzilah Abdullah 

Head of Group

Wireless Communication

fadzilah.abdullah [at]

Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Rosdiadee Nordin

Academic Staff

Mobile Radio Communication

adee [at]

Dr. Asma’ Abu Samah

Academic Staff

Machine Learning for Wireless Communication

asma [at]

Dr Mehran Behjati 

Post. Doctoral

Wireless Communication, Drone/Aerial Communiation, Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT, Green Communication, Autonomous Navigation, Optimization, and Machine Learning

mehran.bjt [at] 

Athirah Mohd Ramly

PhD Student

Ultra-Reliable 5G Wireless Communication for Factory of the Future

athirah.ramly90 [at]

Saddam Hussein Saleh Alraih

PhD Student

Mobility Management in 5G and Beyond Networks

Eng.alraih [at]

Vigneswara Rao A/L Gannapathy

PhD Student

The Development and Evaluation of a Novel Dual-Connectivity (5G-LTE Cellular Networks) Handover Mechanism to Improve the Performance of User Connectivity In Terms of Packet Loss Rate, Throughput and Latency

vigneswara [at]

Johari Abdul Rahim

PhD Student


joehary [at]

Suhaila Binti Abdul Rahman

PhD Student

Channel modelling for 5G, free cell massive MIMO

ar_suhaila [at]

Razimah Abdul Rahim

PhD Student

Wireless Communication, TV White Space Network, and channel bonding

razimahrahim [at]

Mohd Taha Bin Ismail

PhD Student

QoS Enhancement using Clustering Techniques in LTE-Advanced Network

mtaha [at]

Aqeel Mahmood Jawad

PhD Student

Magnetic Resonator Coupling For Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer Of The Internet Of Things Applications In Vertical Alignment Condition

aqeel.mahmood.1986 [at]

Ali Hussein Wheeb

PhD Student

Enhancing routing protocol for Flying ad hoc network (FANETS)

p108486 [at]

Abduljalil Saif Mohammed Salleh

PhD Student

Cooperative cell-edge relay deployment under various environment in wireless network

abduljalilsaif [at]

Almahdi Mohammad Ali Ababneh

PhD Student


almahdiababneh [at]

Saif Hikmat Mousa

PhD Student

Enhanced Channels Access Methods in HetBands for Single and Multi-RAT Femtocell Networks

P86679 [at]

Mohammed A. Al-Tahrawi

PhD Student

Multi-Radio Access Technologies for Vehicular Networks

P88887 [at]

Ammar Jameel Hussein Al-Bayati

PhD Student

Big Data and Machine Learning for Smart Grids

P98736 [at]

Ammar Riadh Kairaldeen Altotanje

PhD Student

Integrity for Blockchain Home Area Networks

P98997 [at]

Abdul Hadi Bin Ramli

PhD Student

TDOA-based localization for National Security

hadira73 [at]

Haider Abdulhameed M.Jawad Al Obaidy

PhD Student

Wireless Communication, Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT, Machine Learning, and Channel Propagation Modeling and Estimation

P92976 [at]

Mohd Azrulazwan Bin Jusoh @ Mohd Yusoff

PhD Student

Interference Avoidance Algorithm device to device in 5G Network

Fazida binti Adlan

PhD Student

Completed peer-assisted system information acquisition for fast scanning handover algorithm in heterogeneous cellular network

fazida76 [at]

Aishah Binti Mohd Noh

Master Student

Drone-LoRa Enable for Water Quality Monitoring in Rural Farm

aishahmohdnoh94 [at]

Nur Farahin Abdull Rashid

Master Student

Internet of Mangroves with Open Science Approaches for Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystem and Tourism Attractions

p109859 [at]


Current research projects :

  1. Context-Aware Vertical Handover For Reliable Beyond 5g Wireless Heterogeneous Networks With Embedded Generative Adversarial Network And Reinforced Bayesian Network
  2. Multi-Level AI-Based Beyond 5G Wireless Networks Policies For Connected Factories Of The Future
  3. End-to-End Optimization with Edge Intelligence for Reliable Wireless IoT Communications
  4. Wireless Channel Modelling and Propagation Characteristics of Internet of Things Transmission in Rural Areas
  5. Aerial Navigation and Geo-Fencing for Medical Intervention
  6. Development of Medical Drone for Emergency Care Delivery
  7. Unmanned Radiation Monitoring System via the Internet of Drone
  8. Internet of Vehicles: Coding Techniques for safety and infotainment
  9. Multi-Tiered Radio Access Technologies for An Intelligent Transportation System
  10. Airborne IoT Network (AIN) for Rural Water Quality Monitoring
  11. Internet of Mangroves with Open Science Approaches for Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystem and Tourism Attractions

Recent Publications

Articles InformationAuthors
2D-AOA estimation and tilt angle adaptation for 3d beamforming interference reduction in massive MIMOAli, E., Abdullah, N.F., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Mahzan, M.H., Balfaqih, M.
A peer-assisted system information acquisition using fast scanning algorithm in heterogeneous networkAdlan, F., Abdullah, N.F., Zainal, N., Ismail, M.
A review on zigbee based WSNs: Concepts, infrastructure, applications, and challengesAlobaidy, H.A.H., Mandeep, J.S., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F.
A serverless advanced metering infrastructure based on fog-edge computing for a smart grid: A comparison study for energy sector in iraqAlbayati, A., Abdullah, N.F., Abu-Samah, A., Mutlag, A.H., Nordin, R.
A survey of data dissemination schemes in vehicular named data networkingAl-Omaisi, H., Sundararajan, E.A., Alsaqour, R., Abdullah, N.F., Abdelhaq, M.
A user cooperation approach for interference cancellation in fdd massive mimo systemsBehjati, M., Nordin, R., Alsharif, M.H.
Accident Management System Based on Vehicular Network for an Intelligent Transportation System in Urban EnvironmentsAl-Mayouf, Y.R.B., Mahdi, O.A., Taha, N.A., Abdullah, N.F., Khan, S., Alam, M.
Accurate Empirical Path-Loss Model Based on Particle Swarm Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks in Smart AgricultureJawad, H.M., Jawad, A.M., Nordin, R., Gharghan, S.K., Abdullah, N.F., Ismail, M., Abu-Alshaeer, M.J.
Ad hoc on-demand distance vector (AODV)routing protocol invehicular ad hoc network (VANET): An analysis studyIdris, A., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Rizuanbaharon, M., Nurfatihah, A., Kumar, Y.J., Ikram, R.R.R., Basari, A.S.H., Hamid, M.H.A., Salahuddin, L.
Adaptive multi-state millimeter wave cell selection scheme for 5G communicationsAttiah, M.L., Md Isa, A.A., Zakaria, Z., Abdullah, N.F., Ismail, M., Nordin, R.
Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System for Accurate Localization of Wireless Sensor Network in Outdoor and Indoor Cycling ApplicationsGharghan, S.K., Nordin, R., Jawad, A.M., Jawad, H.M., Ismail, M.
Advances and opportunities in passive wake-up radios with wireless energy harvesting for the internet of things applicationsBello, H., Xiaoping, Z., Nordin, R., Xin, J.
An improved water-filling algorithm based on power allocation in network MIMONoor Shahida, M.K., Nordin, R., Ismail, M.
Basketball Players Performance Analytic as Experiential Learning Approach in Teaching Undergraduate Data Science CourseSharef, N.M., Mustapha, A., Nor Azmi, M.B., Nordin, R.
Beamforming with 2D-AOA estimation for pilot contamination reduction in massive MIMOAli, E., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Abdulah, N.F.
Clustering transmission opportunity length (CTOL) model over cognitive radio networkMohamad, M.H., Sali, A., Hashim, F., Nordin, R., Takyu, O.
Coordinated Wiener Predictor for channel estimation in massive-MIMO systemMazlan, M.H., Ali, E., Nordin, R., Ismail, M.
Coverage probability optimisation by utilizing flexible hybrid mmwave spectrum slicing-sharing access strategy for 5g cellular systemsAttiah, M.L., Isa, A.A.M., Zakaria, Z., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F.
Cross-Layer Design and Performance Analysis for Ultra-Reliable Factory of the Future Based on 5G Mobile NetworksRamly, A.M., Abdullah, N.F., Nordin, R.
Effective wide spectrum sharing techniques relying on CR technology toward 5G: A surveyMousa, S.H., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F.
Efficient matrix-based channel hopping schemes for blind rendezvous in distributed cognitive radio networksAl-Mqdashi, A., Sali, A., Noordin, N.K., Hashim, S.J., Nordin, R.
EMA-MPR: Energy and mobility-aware multi-point relay selection mechanism for multipath OLSRv2Jabbar, W.A., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Ramli, R.M.
Energy harvesting with link adaptation under different wireless relaying schemesAndrawes, A., Nordin, R., Ismail, M.
Energy-efficient downlink for non-orthogonal multiple access with SWIPT under constrained throughputAndrawes, A., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F.
Enhanced channels access methods in HetBands for single and multi-RAT femtocell networksMousa, S.H., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F.
Enhanced the accuracy of idle time in cognitive radio networkMohamad, M.H., Sali, A., Nordin, R.
Game Theory-Based Power Allocation Strategy for NOMA in 5G Cooperative BeamformingFadhil, M., Kelechi, A.H., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F., Ismail, M.
Handover performance evaluation of centralized and distributed network-based mobility management in vehicular urban environmentBalfaqih, M., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Balfaqih, Z.
How to make key 5G wireless technologies environmental friendly: A reviewAlsharif, M.H., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F., Kelechi, A.H.
IoT Infrastructure for Environmental Monitoring: A Case at Tasik Chini Biosphere ReserveZakaria, M.S., Nordin, R., Ruslan, M.S.
Key challenges, drivers and solutions for mobility management in 5G networks: A surveyShayea, I., Ergen, M., Azmi, M.H., Çolak, S.A., Nordin, R., Daradkeh, Y.I.
Lora communications as an enabler for internet of drones towards large-scale livestock monitoring in rural farmsBehjati, M., Mohd Noh, A.B., Alobaidy, H.A.H., Zulkifley, M.A., Nordin, R., Abdullah, N.F.
Maximizing signal to leakage ratios in MIMO BCH cooperative beamforming schemeFadhil, M., Abdullah, N.F., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Ciftlikli, C., Al-Obaidi, M.
Millimeter Wave Performance Evaluation in Open Areas and Suburban PutrajayaAbdullah, N.F., Hakim Omar, M.L.
Mobile network performance and technical feasibility of lte-powered unmanned aerial vehicleZulkifley, M.A., Behjati, M., Nordin, R., Zakaria, M.S.
Multi-objective optimization of joint power and admission control in cognitive radio networks using enhanced swarm intelligenceEl-Saleh, A.A., Shami, T.M., Nordin, R., Alias, M.Y., Shayea, I.
New Weight Function for Adapting Handover Margin Level over Contiguous Carrier Aggregation Deployment Scenarios in LTE-Advanced SystemShayea, I., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Ergen, M., Ahmad, N., Abdullah, N.F., Alhammadi, A., Mohamad, H.
Optimal deployment of locations and Height Antenna for relays on macro cell environments for LTE-AdvancedSaif, A., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Fadhil, M., Abdullah, N.F.
Optimal relay deployment in Suburban macrocell of LTE-advanced networkSaif, A., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Fadhil, M.
Optimum design of an optical waveguide: Determination of the branching angle of s-bend waveguidesAb-Rahman, M.S., Aziz, A.N.A., Nordin, R., Jumari, K.
Performance analysis of inter-cell interference reduction using AOA-based beamforming in Mm wave massive MIMO systemsAli, E., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Abdulah, F., Mazlan, M.H.
Performance of car to car safety broadcast using cellular V2V and IEEE 802.11PThota, J., Abdullah, N.F., Doufexi, A., Armour, S.
Pilot Decontamination Using Coordinated Wiener Predictor in Massive-MIMO SystemMazlan, M.H., Ali, E., Mohd Ramly, A., Nordin, R., Ismail, M., Sali, A.
Power allocation in cooperative NOMA MU-MIMO beamforming based on maximal SLR precoding for 5GFadhil, M., Abdullah, N.F., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Saif, A., Al-Obaidi, M.
Power reduction with sleep/wake on redundant data (SWORD) in a wireless sensor network for energy-efficient precision agricultureJawad, H.M., Nordin, R., Gharghan, S.K., Jawad, A.M., Ismail, M., Abu-Alshaeer, M.J.
Real-Time Intersection-Based Segment Aware Routing Algorithm for Urban Vehicular NetworksAl-Mayouf, Y.R.B., Abdullah, N.F., Mahdi, O.A., Khan, S., Ismail, M., Guizani, M., Ahmed, S.H.
Reconfigurable Base Station towards the Evolution of Smart CampusMazlan, M.H., Ramly, A., Nordin, R., Ismail, M., Abdullah, N.F.
Single-tube and multi-turn coil near-field wireless power transfer for low-power home appliancesJawad, A.M., Nordin, R., Gharghan, S.K., Jawad, H.M., Ismail, M., Abu-AlShaeer, M.J.
Small Cells Integration with the Macro-Cell Under LTE Cellular Networks and Potential Extension for 5GAlsharif, M.H., Nordin, R., Shakir, M.M., Mohd Ramly, A.
The bluetooth and GPS tracking system: Comparison and analysis of techniqueIdris, A., Ismail, M., Nordin, R., Hamdan, M.H., Hamid, M.H.A., Salahuddin, L., Baharon, M.R., Lokeabdullah, N., Basari, A.S.H., Ikram, R.R.R.
The effectiveness of a navigation system for ambulance service in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaIsmail, A.K., Yun, Y.Y., Mahardhika, G., Ghani, A.A., Ahmad, N.S., Mustafa, A.K., Jamal, S.M., Nordin, R., Zainal, N.
The four-C framework for high capacity ultra-low latency in 5G networks: A reviewKelechi, A.H., Alsharif, M.H., Ramly, A.M., Abdullah, N.F., Nordin, R.
The Model of Fuzzy Logic in IoT System as Decision Support System for Determining Flood Disaster StatusYuwono, T., Ruzardi, Nordin, R., Mohamed, R., Ismail, M.
The world-first deployment of narrowband IoT for rural hydrological monitoring in UNESCO biosphere environmentNordin, R., Mohamad, H., Behjati, M., Kelechi, A.H., Ramli, N., Ishizu, K., Kojima, F., Ismail, M., Idris, M.
Towards VANET-NDN: A Framework for an Efficient Data Dissemination Design SchemeAl-Omaisi, H., Sundararajan, E.A., Abdullah, N.F.
Two dimension angle of arrival-based precoding for pilot contamination reduction in multi-cell massive MIMO systemsAli, E., Ismail, M., Abdullah, N.F., Nordin, R., Balfaqih, M., Shglouf, I., Mazlan, M.H.
V2V for Vehicular Safety ApplicationsThota, J., Abdullah, N.F., Doufexi, A., Armour, S.
What is the Value of Limited Feedback for Next Generation of Cellular Systems?Behjati, M., Mazlan, M.H., Ramly, A.M., Nordin, R., Ismail, M.
Wiener-based smoother and predictor for massive-MIMO downlink system under pilot contaminationMazlan, M.H., Behjati, M., Nordin, R., Ismail, M.
Wireless energy harvesting with amplify-and-forward relaying and link adaptation under imperfect feedback channelAndrawes, A., Nordin, R., Ismail, M.
Wireless power transfer with magnetic resonator coupling and sleep/active strategy for a drone charging station in smart agricultureJawad, A.M., Jawad, H.M., Nordin, R., Gharghan, S.K., Abdullah, N.F., Abu-Alshaeer, M.J.
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