Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Healthcare Engineering Research Group

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Medical Device, Cardiovascular Engineering, Neuroscience, Prognostics and Health Management

The inclusive leitmotif of this cross disciplinary translational research group is to analyse, design, develop and exploit current and next generation medical technologies. The group’s activity is centred on the University’s Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment, a research facility based on the campus. The group has positioned itself in a number of research and developments in cardiovascular and neuroscience research. Our researchers are working at the current advancements in healthcare engineering, pushing the borders in areas where cutting-edge engineering innovation has the potential to transform patient monitoring. Interdisciplinarity is at the essential of what we do and our work cuts across multiple research fields. Collaboration encourages fresh perspectives and the application of technologies to new areas. We bring together engineering experts and medical specialists to focus on some of the growing health challenges.






Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kalaivani Chellappan

Head of Group

Clinical Cardiovascular Engineering, Data Engineering & Analytics

Industrial Automation & Internet of Things

kckalai [at]

Dr. Rosmina Jaafar

Academic Staff

Biomedical engineering, Biomedical signal processing, Medical Electronics & instrumentation

rosmina [at]

Dr. Asma’ Abu Samah

Academic Staff

Automatic Control and Production System, Prognostics and Health Management, ICU Glycaemic Control

asma [at]

Dr. Noorfazila Kamal

Academic Staff

Very large system integration (VLSI), analogue circuit design

fazila [at]

Md Rizman Bin Md Lazin @ Md Lazim

PhD Student

Pacemaker Patients Finger Photoplethysmography Fitness index (PPGF) Validation for Heart Rate Variability (Hrv)


Ammar Younis Kadhim Timimi

PhD Student

Fotopletismografi - Tekanan Darah Sistem untuk Meramal Denggi dan Intoleransi Ortostatik


Norhayati Binti Mohd Zainee

PhD Student

Fpga Based Synchronized Multi-Physio-Signal Acquisition Prototype Design


Mohammed Ayad Saad

PhD Student

e-Health Trust Model: Medical Image Security


Tahereh Najafi 

PhD Student

Determination of Neural Membrane Model to Identify Focal Epiletic Seizure Activity

tata.najafi [at]

Almahdi Ababneh 

PhD student

Energy efficiency in 5G and beyond 5G, Energy harvesting, Zero energy 6G networks


Mohammad Hasbullah Mazlan

PhD Completed

Pilot Contamination Reduction with Channel Estimation for Fifth Generation Network System

mhasbullah.mazlan [at]

Tharsshinee A/P Elanchselvan

Master Student

Adaptive Budgeting Methode Using e-Wallet


Suvaashini A/P Gothandapani

Master Student

Deep Learning Data Driven Epileptic Modelling


Viroshaanaa Boopalachandran

Master Student

Development of Multi-Modality Imaging Characteristic in the treatment Guidance of Thyroid Eye Disease



Current Research Projects :

  1. Prototype of Digital Malay Auditory-Cognitive Wellness Trainer
  2. Monitoring of Blood Oxygenation for Diabetic Foot Ulceration Detection by Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
  3. Navigation Of Long Term Home Based Rehabilitation Among Ischemic Stroke Patient In Malaysia
  4. Multi-scale Computational Model of Three-Dimensional Hemodynamics of Upper Limb Arterial System for Atrial Fibrillation Modeling
  5. m-Health Monitoring Through SMS Gateway in Malaysian Rural Community
  6. Neural Electronic Membrane Determination for Frontal Lobe Seizure Activity Identification
  7. Trending the Characteristics of Photopletysmograph Signals among Individuals of High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease against hs-CRP as an Endothelial Dysfunction Biomaker
  8. Future Extraction of Seizure from EEG Signal for Epilepsy Detaction and Monitoring purpose

Recent Publications

Article InformationAuthors

CT brain image advancement for ICH diagnosis

Nor Shahirah Shaik Amir, Law Zhe Kang, Shahizon Azura Mukari, Ramesh Sahathevan, Kalaivani Chellappan

Is Heart Rate a Confounding Factor for Photoplethysmography Markers? A Systematic Review

Md Rizman Md Lazin Md Lazim, Amilia Aminuddin, Kalaivani Chellappan, Azizah Ugusman, Adila A Hamid, Wan Amir Nizam Wan Ahmad, Mohd Shawal Faizal Mohamad

An IoT based smart lighting system based on human activity

Nursyazwani Adnan, Noorfazila Kamal, Kalaivani Chellappan

Impact of Smoking on Lipid Profile Among Urban Malaysian Men

Amilia Aminuddin, CK Yong, N Salamt, A Ugusman, K Chellappan

Consistent rope skipping in short term memory enhancement: A practical intervention

ANM Radzi, K Chellappan, AS Rambely

Cardiovascular Disease Prediction from Electrocardiogram by Using Machine Learning

Nayan Nazrul Anuar, Hamid Hafifah, Suboh Mohd Zubir, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ; Abdullah Noraidatulakma, UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute ; Jaafar Rosmina, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ; Mhd Nurul Ain, Hamid Mariatul Akma, Zubiri Nur Farawahida, Kamalul Azwa Shawani, Mohd Syakila, Kamaruddin Mohd Arman, A. Rahman

Cardiovascular Disease Prediction from Electrocardiogram by using Machine Learning Method: A Snapshot from the Subjects of the Malaysian Cohort

Nazrul Anuar Nayan, Hafifah Ab Hamid, Mohd Zubir Suboh, Noraidatulakma Abdullah, Rosmina Jaafar, Nurul Ain Mhd Yusof, Mariatul Akma Hamid, Nur Farawahida Zubiri, Azwa Shawani Kamalul Arifin, Syakila Mohd Abd Daud, Mohd Arman Kamaruddin, Rahman A Jamal

Shannon Energy Application for Detection of ECG R-peak using Bandpass Filter and Stockwell Transform Methods

Mohd Zubir Suboh, Rosmina Jaafar, Nazrul Anuar Nayan, Noor Hasmiza Harun

ECG-based Detection and Prediction Models of Sudden Cardiac Death: Current Performances and New Perspectives on Signal Processing Techniques

Mohd Suboh, Rosmina Jaafar, Nazrul Nayan, Noor Harun

Evaluation of the effect of posture on carotid-to-toe pulse transit time values estimated using system identification

Aws Zuhair Sameen, Rosmina Jaafar, Edmond Zahedi


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