Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Spectrum Technology (SPECTECH) Research Group

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Broadband, Optical Communication System, Customer Access Network, Small World Communication, Optical Devices, STEM

Spectrum Technology Research Group (SPECTECH) is the optical communications research group of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. SPECTECH has been active for more than 14 years, and it has collaboration with some of the major players in the field of optical transmission and communication. SPECTECH research is now active on several topics. From optical device fabrication and simulation to the DWDM system performance. The group also researches the real-time data-driven adaptive channel estimation for light fidelity (Li-Fi); Sensory, Huge and Intelligent FTTH Network, Plastic Optical Fiber Communication as part of the last mile access networks.






Prof Ir Dr Mohd Syuhaimi Ab Rahman

Head of Group

Photonic Technology, Optical Communication, Home Fiber

syuhaimi [at]

Prof Madya Ir Dr Norhana Arsad

Academic Staff

Photonics Technology, Optical Communication, Optical Spectroscopy, System Communication, Entrepreneur, Engineering Education

noa [at]

Dr Abang Anuar Ehsan

Academic Staff

Photonic Technology

aehsan [at]

Abdul Rahman Yusof

PhD Student


abdrahman.mdyusoff [at]

Juwairiyyah Abdul Rahman

PhD Student


juwairiyyah [at]

Norhidayah Ahmad

PhD Student


p106855 [at]

Anas Hambali Bin Ahmad Abas

PhD Student


p106856 [at]

Muhamad Hazwan Bin Wahab

PhD Student


p111382 [at]

Fabricating The Idea


Current research projects :

  1. WDM Network & Devices
  2. FTTH Network & Devices
  3. POF Network & Devices
  4. Light Fidelity (LiFi)
  5. Energy Harvesting
  6. Engineering Education
  7. STEM

Recent Publications

  1. Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Abdul Rahman Mohd. Yusoff, Iszan Hana Kaharudin, Juwairiyyah. Abdul Rahman, Abdul Wahab Mohamad, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd Ehsan, I-Shyan Hwang & Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor. 2022. A Global Programme Educational Objectives Comparative Study for Malaysian Electrical & Electronics Engineering Graduates. MDPI Sustainability. 14. 1280. Pp: 1-29. (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2021 = 3.251) Q2
  2. Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Athirah Mohd Ridzuana, Iszan Hana Kaharudin and I-Shyan Hwang. 2021. Real Time FTTH Network Monitoring Using Binary Coded Fiber Bragg Grating. OPTIK. Volume 251, February 2022, 168408 (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2021 = 2.443) Q2
  3. Yang, C.-Z.; Lotfolahi, M.; Hwang, I.-S.; Ab-Rahman, M.S., Nikoukar, A.; Liem, A.T.; Ganesan, E. Enhancing Energy Efficiency of the Doze Mode Mechanism in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks Using Support Vector Regression. Photonics 2022, 9, 180. (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2020 = 2.140) Q2
  4. Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Hadi Guna and Norhana Arsad. 2021. Effect of the Surface Roughness on Cross Sectional Properties of 1×3 Polymer Optical Fiber-based Splitter. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1748. 062008. 164179 (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2020 = 0.54) Q3
  5. Elaiyasuriyan Ganesan, I-Shyan Hwang 1, Andrew Tanny Liem and Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman. 2021. 5G-Enabled Tactile Internet Resource Provision via Software-Defined Optical Access Networks (SDOANs). MDPI Photonics. 8(140). Pp. 1-21. (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2020 = 2.140) Q2
  6. Ganesan, E.; Hwang, I.-S.; Liem, A.T.; Ab-Rahman, M.S. SDN-Enabled FiWi-IoT Smart Environment Network Traffic Classification Using Supervised ML Models. Photonics 2021, 8(201). Pp.1-22. Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2020 = 2.140) Q2
  7. Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Ainon Najahah Abd Aziz, Rosdiadee Nordin, Kasmiran Jumari. 2020. Optimum design of an optical waveguide: Determination of the branching angle of s-bend waveguide. Optik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 200 (163249). Pp. 1-10. (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2018 = 1.914) Q2
  8. Liem, A. T., Hwang, I., Nikoukar, A., Yang, C.Z, Ab-Rahman, M. S., Lu, C. 2020. Software-Defined Time-Shifted IPTV Architecture for Locality-Awareness TWDM-PON. Optik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics. Volume 207, 164179 (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2018 = 1.914) Q2
  9. Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Hadi Guna, Mohd Hazwan Harun, Iszan Hana Kaharudin, Roslan Syukur. 2020. Wavelength Division Multiplexing Over Plastic Optical Fiber Technology – Small Effort Huge Impact. International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Pp. 14-21
  10. Mohammed Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Farhat M. Shaltami, I-Shyan Hwang and Abdlhameed Almabrok Swedan. 2019. Analysis of 10 Gbps SOA-based optical network unit with low seeding power that uses feedback seeding scheme. Optik. (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2018 = 1.914) Q2
  11. Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, I. Shyan Hwang, Ainon Najahah Abd Aziz and Foze Ater Saleh, 2019. Sidewall Roughness in Y-Shaped Waveguide: The Effect to the Signal Quality. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 14: 7841-7845. (Indexed in Scopus).
  12. Sabiran Abubakar, Norhana Arsad, Abang Annuar Ehsan, Azura Hamzah, Nur Hazliza Ariffin and Mohd Syuhaimi Ab Rahman. 2019. Performance Analysis Of Disposable Flow Cell For Nitrite Detection. Ieee Access. Volume 7, Issue 1. Pp. 146024-146036 (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2018 = 3.557) Q1
  13. Liem, A. T., Hwang, I., Nikoukar, A., Yang, C.Z, Ab-Rahman, M. S., Lu, C. 2018. P2P Live-Streaming Application-Aware Architecture for QoS Enhancement in the EPON. IEEE Systems Journal. Vol. 12, N0. 1. Pp. 648-658. (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2012 = 3.882) Q1
  14. Nani Fadzlina Naim, A. Ashrif Abu Bakar, Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman. 2018. Fault Identificationand Localization for Ethernet Passive Optical Network Using L-Band ASE Source and Various Types of Fiber Bragg Grating. Optical Fiber Technology. Vol. 40. Pp. 159-164. (Indexed in ISI & Impact Factor 2016= 1.678) Q2
  15. Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Abdul Hameed Almabrok Swedan. 2018. Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for Optical Channel Capacity Improvement Based on CrossPhase Modulation. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering. Vol. 10 No. 1-5. Pp. 89-95. (Indexed in Scopus).


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