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Visual and Image Processing Research

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Image Processing, Video Processing, Visual Processing, Computer Vision

The Visual and Image Processing (VIP) Laboratory is committed to study and develop solutions to outstanding problems in visual processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. VIP Lab specialises in visual biometrics, multi-perspective vision, visual surveillance, image and video database systems, mathematical foundations of computer vision, object recognition, and real-time multimedia detection. In VIP Lab, we envision vision system that are capable of flexible and robust operations in diverse dynamic environments. We are excited by the potential applications of computer vision to solve problems of real-world significance.






Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Nasharuddin Bin Zainal

Head of Group

Image and Video Processing

Pattern Recognition


nasharuddin [at]

Dr. Seri Mastura Binti Mustaza

Academic Staff

Biomedical Engineering

seri.mastura [at]

Dr. Muhammad Faiz Bin Bukhori

Academic Staff

Machine Learning, Semiconductor Devices, Microelectronics

Dr. Iskandar Yahya

Academic Staff

Semiconductor Technology and Devices, Nanoelectronics, Carbon-based Advanced Devices

Fazida Binti Adlan

PhD Student


fazida76 [at]

Shalool Abdulkarim Bashir Shalool

PhD Student


shalool_72 [at]

Muhammad Azwan Bin Ibrahim

PhD Student


mdazwan [at]

Alaa Rishek Hoshi

PhD Student


p98735 [at]

Mardhiyah Binti Md Jan

PhD Student


p100114 [at]

Mohamad Hamzi Hazmi Bin Mohd Hasri

Final Year Student


a160256 [at]

Devika A/P Veloo

Final Year Student


a165471 [at]

Hammad Bin Abdul Karim

Final Year Student


a162966 [at]


Current research projects :

  1. Resource Management in Heterogeneous Network
  2. Low Bit Error Rate for Video Coding System
  3. Region-of-Interest (ROI) Localization for Medical Videos in Real-Time System
  4. Implementation of High Frequency Modem Type Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) on Digital Signal Processing Board
  5. Development of A Prototype Robotic Tennis Ball Retrieval and Distribution Based On Computer Vision Technology
  6. Development of smart farms for figs plantation
  7. Development of Humanoid Bioloid Robot Teaching Module CM-510 By Robotics to High School and Undergraduate Students
  8. Vision Guided Pointer for Tele-Assisted Surgery and Medical Consultation
  9. A Study of The Role and Development of DBKL Children’s Kindergarten to Pre-School Education in The Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
  10. A Study to Complete On-Time Graduate Studies: Identify the Causes of Failure and Intervention Strategies to Achieve GOT

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