Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Microwave Technology Research

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Antenna Technology, Metamaterial, Electromagnetic Sensor, Microwave Imaging, IoT-based System, Satellite Communication, Ionospheric Research & Navigation Satellite (GPS), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Microwave Technology Research Group is one of main research groups in the Department of Electric, Electronic and System Engineering UKM. Our group specialises on the research and development of antennas, RF/microwave devices, metamaterial and electromagnetic simulation/measurement techniques in various applications such as communication, imaging and sensing. Since its inception, the group has managed to obtain more than RM 8 million in research grant nationally and internationally. Research outputs from the group has been published in various high impact journals and multiple patents have been granted based on the research in the group. Within the group, there are two (2) main laboratories, namely the Microwave Technology Laboratory and Near Field Measurement Laboratory. These laboratories are equipped with 3m anechoic chamber, Satimo Near Field Measurement system and various state-of-the-art RF/microwave equipment.






Prof. Dr. Norbahiah Misran

Head of Group

Antenna Design

bahiah [at]

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Tariqul Islam

Academic Staff

Antenna Technology

Microwave Imaging


tariqul [at]

Prof. Ir. Dr. Mandeep Singh A/L Jit Singh

Academic Staff

Satellite Communication

mandeep [at]

Prof. Ir. Dr. Mardina Abdullah

Academic Staff

Ionospheric Research & Navigation Satellite (GPS)

Industrial Engineering & Expert systems (AI)

mardina [at]

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Fais Mansor

Academic Staff

Wireless Communication

Antenna and Propagation

m.mansor [at]

Dr. Mohd Hafiz Baharuddin

Academic Staff

Wireless Communication

Electromagnetic Compatibility

hafizb [at]

Mr. Kamarulzaman Mat

Academic Staff

Data Communication

kamarulzaman [at]

Saif Hannan

PhD Student

Analysis of Microwave Range Metamaterial Absorber for Communication System

p98220 [at]

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Master Student

Metamaterial Loaded Three-dimensional Antenna and Tissue Mimicking Phantom in Internet of Things Enabled Portable Electromagnetic Head Imaging System

p97645 [at]

Md Atiqur Rahman

PhD Student

Matematerial characterisation for microwave application

p102555 [at]

Ahasanul Hoque

PhD Student

Matematerial Microwave sensor

p94155 [at]

Md. Moniruzzaman

PhD Student

Healthcare Monitoring System Using LoRA

p99997 [at]

Nur Izzati Binti Mohd Ali 

PhD Student

Design of A Compact Broadband Circular Polarized Antenna for Wireless 

nurizzati [at]

Tito Yuwono

PhD Student

Electromagnetic Compatibility

p94379 [at]

Azahari Bin Salleh

PhD Student

Stroke Detection Using Antenna

asalleh [at]

Md. Rashedul Islam

PhD Student

Microwave Sensor Using Matematerial

p100838 [at]

Shaliza Binti Jumahat

PhD Student

Antenna Design for IoT In Environmental Monitoring for Urban Flood Rescue 

p92977 [at]

Mohammad Azrin Bin Daud

PhD Student

Kajian Rekabentuk Antena Reflectarray Untuk Aplikasi Satelit Remote Sensing

p97578 [at]


Current research projects :

  1. A New Split-Triangular Metamaterial for Electromagnetic Radiation Reduction in Human Body
  2. Acute Myocardial Infarction (Mi) Detection Using Connected Sensors
  3. Antena Tatasusun Pantulan Terintegrasi Sel Suria
  4. Causality Between Equatorial Plasma Bubbles Phenomenon and Counter Electrojet Current Over Different Solar Activity Levels
  5. Characteristics of Ionospheric Parameters Over Equator Region
  6. Characterization of A New Ferrite Based Dielectric Material for Mobile Communication
  7. Compact UHF Patch Antenna Development For 1U Cube Satellite Communications
  8. Contrast and Resolution Enhancement Using Non-Linear Compounding Method for Ultrasound B-Mode Images
  9. Corrugated Meander Line Structure with Near Zero Index Metamaterial Properties for Electromagnetic Coupling Reduction
  10. Design and Development of Patch Antenna For 5G And Small Satellite Applications
  11. Design and Fabrication of An Optimized Compact MIMO Patch Antenna Array For 5G Technology
  12. Development of High Accuracy GPS Receiving Antenna for Sensing Climate Change.
  13. Development of Medical Drone for Emergency Care Delivery
  14. Development of Microwave Sensor for Real-Time Detection of Heavy Metal Ion and Soluble Contaminants in Water
  15. Development of Open Mesh Meta-Atom Mirror for Solar Radiation Absorption
  16. Development of Resonator Based Metamaterial for Body Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation
  17. Functional Graded Nickel Based Nanocomposite Coatings for Oil and Gas Industry
  18. Gravity Waves Seeding of Equatorial Spread F in The South American Region
  19. High Resolution Two-Dimensional Two-Probe Station for Stochastic EM Emissions Characterisation
  20. Identification of Stratospheric Quasi Biennal Oscillation Impact on Equatorial Electrojet Current
  21. Identifying Region-Of-Interest (Roi) For Moving Medical Images on Real Time Wireless Communication System
  22. Implantable Antenna Using Superstrate Thickness for Biotelemetry Communication
  23. Internet of Things (IoT) Based Hospital Queuing Management System Using Flexible Wrist Band
  24. Ionospheric Plasma Bubble Using Gps Over Malaysia
  25. Metamaterial Based Invisibility Cloak for Electromagnetic Radiation Control in Space Applications
  26. Modelling and Mapping Ionosphere Over Malaysia
  27. Optimal Near Field Characterisation of a Nonstationary Stochastic EM Emissions Using Piecewise Stationary Segmentation Approach
  28. Pixelated Metasurface Rectenna Based on Symmetric Resonator for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting
  29. The Patch Antenna Development for Nanosats
  30. Time Domain Microwave Signal Contrast Based Algorithm for Stroke Detection System
  31. Ultrathin and Flexible Nanocomposite Metamaterial with Broadband Perfect Absorption in Communication System

Recent Publications

Article Information


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Hannan S., Islam M.T., Almutairi A.F., Faruque M.R.I.


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