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Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science

Targeted for students who are interested in research work and wish to continue their career as researchers or academicians. Students who enroll in these programmes are required to produce a thesis at the end of their study period. The thesis will be judged by examiners and defended by the candidate in an oral presentation.


Master by Coursework

Targeted for students that have long left the university or working professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge by taking advanced professional skilled courses without involvement in a long research. Students who enrol in these programmes are required to take advanced courses that had been specified and also produce a master project report.

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Master of Science (By Research)

FeesFull TimePart Time
1 st semesterRM 3817.00RM 3868.00
Subsequent SemesterRM 2807.00RM 2983.00
FeesFull Time
1 st semesterRM 6815.00
Subsequent SemesterRM 5405.00

Doctor of Philosophy (By Research)

FeesFull TimePart Time
1 st semesterRM 4430.00RM 3868.00
Subsequent SemesterRM 3420.00RM 2983.00
FeesFull Time
1 st SemesterRM 8635.00
Subsequent semesterRM 6925.00

Master of Engineering (By Coursework)

FeesFull TimePart Time
1 st semesterRM 6,500.00RM 5,000.00
2 nd semesterRM 4,250.00RM 3,500.00
3 rd semesterRM 4,250.00RM 3,500.00
4rd semesterRM 3,500.00
Package FeesRM 15,000.00RM 15,500.00
FeesFull Time
1 st semesterRM 10,000.00
2 nd semesterRM 8,000.00
3 rd semesterRM 8,000.00
Package FeesRM 26,000.00

Master of ScienceDoctor of PhilosophyMaster of Engineering
Mode of StudyResearchResearchCoursework
Full Time2 – 3 years3 – 6 years1.5 – 2 years
Part Time3 – 4 years4 – 7 years2 – 4 years

Potential Student FinancePhone Number
1Zamalah UKM+603-8921 3095
2Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)+603-2080 4455
3Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF)+603-2858 7075
4Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)+603-2613 2000
5Zakat UKM +603-8921 4225/ 5820
6Graduate Student Assistant (GRA) FKAB

What Our Students Say

About their experiences

Nor Azlina Karim

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) has offered a great choice for me to pursue Master of Engineering in Communication & Computer.  UKM owned exquisite faculty facilities, very helpful staff and most of all, awesome lecturers who are genuinely passionate in teaching and well verse with their area of expertise.

Farooq Aumar Taha Al-Janabi

My Master’s degree in FKAB, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia has been a pleasant time. It is a pleasure to know the prodigious lecturers, staff and students along this journey. Beyond the high ranking of the university, it is a place that includes within its walls all nationalities, races and religions, under one banner, which is the banner of science and thought. Comfort, smile, science and culture gathered in one place, and it is considered as a meeting place for thinkers, intellectuals and elites of the society.

Kapt. Bersekutu (PA). Ts. Kalaivani A/P Ramachandran

Being the top 2 university in Malaysia, UKM has broadened my knowledge on microelectronic technologies. Truly an eye-opener. Masters in Microelectronic Engineering at UKM is one of a kind. Being a top-tier university, the program was rigorous yet fulfilling. It has broadened my knowledge and has helped propel my career in academia.

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