Pusat Kajian Bahasa, Kesusasteraan dan Kebudayaan Melayu

 Insan Jauhari Budi Berbakti

Submission Guidelines

  • JURNAL MELAYU is published in Malay and English. Papers in Malay should have abstracts and keywords in English and vice versa. Each manuscript must have an abstract (not exceeding 250 words) and 5 key words.
  • Academic papers should not be less than 5000 and not more than 8000 words, while creative pieces should be between 3000 – 5000 words for short stories and novel and drama fragments, and 3 pages for poetry. Book reviews should be about 3-6 pages in length.
  • Authors are required to conform to the Reference Guidelines (APA style) as given below.
  • References should be between 15-30 and 30% of the references should be from journals. Authors must make sure that some of the references are current (published within the last five years).
  • Authors are required to use the Style Template with Tables and Figures embedded in the text itself. Format the manuscript accordingly before submission. The mechanical elements of arrangements, spacing, length, and consistency of usage in form and descriptions should be studied before submission.
  • Authors are required to inform the Editorial Board the software used if the manuscript contains any phonetic or IPA symbols. Authors are required to send the manuscript in Word Doc and PDF format.
  • Authors are to check manuscripts for accuracy of language before submitting to the journal. The Editorial Board will NOT edit submitted manuscripts for style or language. Non acceptance of a manuscript may result if there are an unacceptable number of grammatical errors.
  • For papers in English, authors are required to follow the British spelling  (e.g.  centre, labour, capitalise)
  • This is a double-blind review process; please be sure that your name does not appear anywhere in the manuscript or in the filename. Author’s name, designation and institutional address should be in a separate document.
  • Papers submitted for consideration of publication in JURNAL MELAYU must NOT be under consideration for publication elsewhere either in electronic or printed form. These papers should also have NOT been published previously. The corresponding author should declare regarding this issue when submitting the paper to the Chief Editor.
  • Upon submission of a paper, the author/authors must also provide the editorial board with names of four reviewers from different institutions, complete with their addresses, designation and email address.
  • An author may publish ONLY in alternate issue of JURNAL MELAYU. The rule remains in case of co-authorship.
  • JURNAL MELAYU retains the right to electronically distribute accepted manuscripts but the authors will retain copyright. If authors wish to republish the article, they must write to the Chief Editor and acknowledge JURNAL MELAYU as the original publisher.
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial changes to any manuscript accepted for publication to enhance clarity and style.
  • Due to the increasing volume of submissions, manuscripts that do NOT adhere or comply to any of the submission guideline, will NOT be considered for review.
  • Any form of enquiries (via email, sms, phone, etc) cannot be entertained. The final decision for paper publication is made by the Chief Editor and the editorial board members.
  • Papers on theories and practices including those on discussions of and reflections on methods, techniques and ideas useful in the classroom are welcomed.
  • There must be critical discussion of issues as well as new and significant contributions to the related fields. Articles can be from any of the following areas:
  • Malay Language and Linguistics
  • Traditional and modern Malay/Indonesian literature
  • Malay/Indonesian culture