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– Genome Sequencing Laboratory

The UMBI Genomics Sequencing Center (UMBI-GSC) is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for omics analyses and are operated by highly competent officers. We are offering services to a broad range of users ranging from individual researchers, small research groups to industry customers. Our next generation sequencing (NGS) platform comprises of Illumina HiSeq 3000 and cBot instruments, as well as MiSeq sequencers. We also possess Ion Torrent, Ion PGM and Ion Chef, allowing us to perform sequencing at various scale.

HiSeq 3000, a high-end sequencer capable of producing up to 2.5B single reads or 5B paired end reads. Up to 6 human whole genomes, 48 human whole exomes and 50 transcriptomes can be sequenced in 1 – 3.5 days.

MiSeq is the smaller scale sequencer for focused applications such as targeted resequencing, metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression profiling, and more. It is capable of producing up to 15 Gb of output with 25 million sequencing reads at 2 × 300 bp read lengths.

With the Ion Torrent PGM System, researchers will be able to detect variants by targeted gene sequencing in cancer or genetic disorders.

Ion Proton is a chip-based semiconductor sequencing that enables scalability according to your research needs. The Ion PI Chip can produce up to 40–80 M reads, enabling sequencing of 1–3 human exomes or 1–8 human transcriptomes.

UMBI GSC also provides end-to-end solution for a single- or a pair-end sequencing mode, including multiplexing libraries:

  • Transcriptome sequencing – RNA-Seq
  • Discovery of small non-coding RNAs – ncRNA-Seq
  • Whole genome sequencing
  • Whole exome sequencing
  • Targeted enrichment (sequence capture) coupled with NGS
  • 16S metagenomics sequencing

In addition, preparation of NGS libraries for various applications is supported by a robust instrumentation infrastructure (e.g. qPCR, thermal cyclers, Covaris, Bioanalyzer, AAT Fragment Analyzer, Qubit, Nanodrop spectrometer, E-gel system, and more).

An array of supporting facilities for sample QC, library preparation and sequencing.

To date, UMBI Genomic Facility has generated more than 100 terabytes of sequence data for internal and external users.

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