Nobelist, UMBI’s “Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif” (KIK, Inovative and Creative Team) Won 3rd Prize During Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)’s 21st KIK Convention

By: Siti Nurmi Nasir (

Heartiest congratulations to Nobelist, UMBI’s “Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif” (KIK, Inovative and Creative Team), who won the 3rd prize during the 21st KIK Convention of UKM held on 20th December, 2016 at the UKM CRIM (Centre for Research and Instrumentation Management) Conference Hall.

The name “Nobelist” signifies “recognition given for outstanding achievement”. The group aims to be an inspiration and to fulfill UMBI’s aspiration to be a leading research institute in molecular medicine. Nobelist was established in 2013 and comprises 10 members, namely:

1Zuraini Abd RazakFacilitator
2Siti Nurmi NasirProject Leader
3Hanif ZulkhairiSecretary
4Junaida OsmanMember
5Andri DauniMember
6Sri Noraima OthmanMember
7Norshamsiah HamimMember
8Sazuita SaidinMember
9Nadzirah SelamatMember
10Nooranizah AmdanMember

The title and focus for the team’s KIK project in 2016 is about “Failure of biosample acquisition and incomplete collection of biosamples from the HCTM UKM Medical Centre sugery theater and wards  for PPUKM-UMBI Biobank”.
Via this project, the team managed to reduce the number of failed sample acquisition and incomplete sample collection to 0%, and also increased the medical centre’s staff awarenesss towards the importance of biobanking to more than 90%.

The team also produced the first-of-its-kind biobank handbook in Malaysia containing protocols and tips for biosample collection; this book is now registered with the National Library. The project, together with meetings and decisions made in the Biobank Committee meeting lead to smoother coordination, transfer and banking of biosamples from the hospital to the biobank.

Congratulations, Nobelist!