Best Oral Presenter Awards: Congratulations to Dr Nadiah and Dr Norahayu

On March 8-9, 2019, three of UMBI researchers participated in the International Conference in Health and Medical Sciences 2019 organized by Taylor’s University. Dr Nadiah, Dr Nor Azian and Dr Norahayu were selected for oral presentations. The conference invited speakers from all over the world and covered the some of the main topics in infectious diseases, ageing, obesity and cancer. Some of the notable speakers were Prof Shiv Pillai from Harvard University, Emeritus Prof Dr. Mohamed Ismail bin Mohamed Noor from Taylor’s University and Prof Dr Dato Yip Cheng Har. The conference divided the symposiums into 4 parallel tracks, ageing, cancer infectious diseases and obesity.

We would also like to congratulate some of UMBI researchers for winning awards during the conference:

Dr. Nadiah received the “Best Oral Presenter Award” for the cancer track while Dr Norahayu received the “Best Oral Presenter Award” for the obesity track. Congratulations to both researchers!